Meta is launching its Twitter competitor Threads this week

04 July 2023
Threads is already listed on the App Store and Google Play.

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  • 06 Jul 2023

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2023Trust me, their algo is no different than any other social ... moreAnd to add on top of that, Elon said himself that cisgender is a slur on twitter. For a "free speech absolutist", that's kinda weird (among blocking tons of other content that he didn't like).

Not that I care because I don't use social media at all, but clearly Twitter's management is opinionated and that has an impact.

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    • 06 Jul 2023

    Anders, 05 Jul 2023Twitter really isn't. But they may happen once Threads... moreTrust me, their algo is no different than any other social media platform.

    The goal for a company is to make money. To make money they need your attention.
    So they will feed you content that will make you stay.

    Of course you need to read all opinions from any side, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately it's a job that you have to do yourself because it's not in the interest of a company to do so.

      dexterouz, 05 Jul 2023So basically "Threads" is like the Instagram comm... moreExactly what I told myself

        So basically "Threads" is like the Instagram comment section. 😅

          Anonymous, 05 Jul 2023The same way Twitter is an echo chamber for the rightTwitter really isn't. But they may happen once Threads launches. You'll have only Left of Centre on Threads and only Right of Centre on Twitter. No debates anymore, there will be no open dialogue and society will become evermore polarised.

          Which is undoubtedly bad for societal stability. You can't grow or develop as a person without having you ideas challenged from time to time.

            Anonymous, 05 Jul 2023The same way Twitter is an echo chamber for the rightIt will be a far-left cesspit. To those who think Twitter is now far-right, Twitter has plenty of far left still on it only to whine because those losers can't get anyone who doesn't agree with their narrative de-platformed off Twitter anymore.

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              • 05 Jul 2023

              Anders, 04 Jul 2023It's just obvious and if you can't see that, you ... moreThe same way Twitter is an echo chamber for the right

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                • 05 Jul 2023

                The left, be it Google or Meta, love to collect data for their list

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                  • 04 Jul 2023

                  i can imagine threads will be pro-censorship like instagram and facebook

                  no thanks, i rather see a few thousands tweets per day but with mighty freedom

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                    • 04 Jul 2023

                    It is gonna fail.

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                      • 04 Jul 2023

                      Too many social media apps. No need.

                        When comes todata collecting whether you have threads or not it does not care.
                        The first moment you buy any kind of new phone and press powerbutton for 3 seconds the first thing that will pop up is to agree with terms of use. If you refuse your phone will not work.
                        if you accept your data will go they litterary have you. And you have no idea where they go, how they are used and what kind of data your phone shares with who.
                        Button phone or touch phone it does not matter your daa is collected the first moment you run your phone.

                          Anonymous, 04 Jul 2023An alternative to YouTube is feel free to enjoy Tik Tok whos everyone trying to ban.
                          Just because its robs google from money.

                            [deleted post]It's just obvious and if you can't see that, you are truly lost. Or maybe you're lying because you like the serfs being censored by billionaires. Facebook/Meta have had 15 years to make a Twitter alternative, but they didn't. Elon buys Twitter and doesn't play ball with the mainstream media, journalists and celebrities and in less than a year Meta has tried to create a rival to Twitter.

                            All the woke celebs and media outlets will set up accounts on Threads and encourage their followers to leave Twitter so they can go back to having a nice safe echo chamber where only the "correct" mainstream Leftist opinions are allowed

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                              • 04 Jul 2023

                              no, thanks

                              Let us not forget that the Zucc is the worst of all evils in the social media world.

                              Musk sure has brought issues to Twitter in terms of performance, but content wise, it has never been better than before.

                                we do not need another social media app.

                                i hope it fails, elon buying twitter was already enough.

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                                  • Lilian
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                                  • 04 Jul 2023

                                  It's using the Mastodon network, so it should seamlessly integrate with people that already migrated to Mastodon. Seems like a good move

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                                    • 04 Jul 2023

                                    I'll bet like 98% of people who comments here going to use this whatever Meta Twitter alternative app even though they said they hated it or god knows whatever reason they came up in this comment section 🙄

                                      Anonymous, 04 Jul 2023I'm ok with businesses being richer cos that's ho... more> I'm ok with businesses being richer cos that's how businesses work.
                                      That's the sad reality. We're letting them being richer and doing whatever we want, while we, as "the product", follow whatever steps those big companies are taking.

                                        People complaining about how this app is gonna be a great data collector, while they don't know Twitter also collects their data.