Infinix ZeroBook 13 (13900H) review

12 August 2023
We test one of the most affordable Core i9 notebook money can buy.

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  • 30 Apr 2024

Does infinix zerobook 13 support bypass charging

    chaman, 09 Sep 2023where can u get Ninkear A16,when is it coming to India? I'm in South East Asia and I bought it via Shopee/Lazada. Unfortunately IDK when will be sold directly to India.

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      • 09 Sep 2023

      DroidBoye, 14 Aug 2023IDK why this laptop has ridiculous high pricepoint. For... morewhere can u get Ninkear A16,when is it coming to India?

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        • 24 Aug 2023

        Og, 13 Aug 2023Do you find the drivers. I have y1 plus neo. After clean in... moreNo, I wasn't able to find one. Since the laptop was under replacement period, I replaced the laptop. If you find the drivers, let me know. Would be helpful in future.

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          • 22 Aug 2023

          How to purchase it

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            • 19 Aug 2023

            Exactly Trackpad issue is so's behaves so erratic after some usage, only way to back is to there any fix for it? Pls suggest...

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              • 15 Aug 2023

              Is it more powerful than Xbox 360?

                DroidBoye, 14 Aug 2023You did not read the article? It's a 15.6" screen... morewhen title is abot 13inches, i'm not interest in article.

                i guess it is bad commercial name for a product ! putting "13" into an 15inches product is really a huge mistake..

                  Kangal, 13 Aug 2023Price is good, but this device has some oddities. Firstl... moreChange the processor to AMD r... something something from 13th generation Core i9 intel? Terrible idea. You then have an unknown brand with an unknown processor resulting in unknown sales. I only read this article because I saw the 13900H in the title. Mark you, I already know Infinix and Transsion Holdings.

                    hi , 13 Aug 2023The display is only 1080 contrast really poor makes the hol... more1080p is still fine @15.6", 4k is not requried for laptops since it's very power hungry with very minimal advantages (talking about diminishing returns) and color accuracy is not even bound to the resolution, you can still have a color-accurate 1080p display if manufacturers wanted to. I have a 27" 4k (4096x2160) monitor and I even see it as required for this size. I'd say I'll be needing the 4k on 32" and above displays to justify its resolution bump.

                      IDK why this laptop has ridiculous high pricepoint.

                      For instance I own a Ninkear A16 Pro (the ODM is Hmten with laptop model W042), it has Ryzen 7 7735HS, 32GB DDR5 (SODIMM with 1 free slot for another +32GB upgrade which I added for total of 64GB), 2TB NVME Gen3 x4 SSD (with 1 slot free capable of Gen4 x4 SSD), Full keyboard (with numpad), 2x full-featured type-c (PD, DP Alt, Audio, USB 3), 1x HDMI 2.0, 2x USB 3.0 type A, BOE IPS 10-bit 165Hz 2k panel, and 83Wh battery. All just for 65,200INR or 787USD.

                      It seems that Infinix tried so hard to look like a Macbook, priced like a Macbook but not the features like the Macbook.

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                        • 14 Aug 2023

                        Zipzap , 13 Aug 2023Can't more then agree Is this an Indian page ? They are Bulgarian. That's why they add Euro pricing usually... I mean would be even fine with USD

                          amiens80, 13 Aug 2023it is a 13inches screen so, this is really good. it is us... moreYou did not read the article? It's a 15.6" screen laptop.

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                            • 13 Aug 2023

                            amiens80, 13 Aug 2023"The lack of discrete graphics and a more color-accura... moreAgreed, but this is a 15.6 inch laptop, while the odd naming means the generation of Intel core processors used in this laptop

                              "The lack of discrete graphics and a more color-accurate and high refresh rate display makes the ZeroBook 13 unsuitable for content production work and gaming"

                              No serious worker use a 13inches screen to check/edit high quality content.
                              They use real monitor with desktop computer or they plug an external monitor.
                              That notebook is not a workstation at all.

                                hi , 13 Aug 2023The display is only 1080 contrast really poor makes the hol... moreit is a 13inches screen so, this is really good.
                                it is usefull than an iphone 4k on a tiny smartphone!

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                                  • 13 Aug 2023

                                  The display is only 1080 contrast really poor makes the hole experience bad, professionals goes for a 4k full color contrast @ least 1500 with 500 nits

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                                    • 13 Aug 2023

                                    Anonymous, 12 Aug 2023Back then, GSM Arena told us Euro pricing...Can't more then agree
                                    Is this an Indian page ?

                                      Price is good, but this device has some oddities.

                                      Firstly, as others said, at this 16in size give it a Number Pad, and put the speakers aside. Increase the spec list of HDMI to 2.1, the USB-A to 3.2 on both sides, and the USB-C to 4.0 and put another one on the right side. You can move the Performance Switch somewhere next to the Power Button, and change that to a Fingerprint Sensor. Also add in Windows Hello to the webcam, hence use a decent one. Allow the keyboard backlight to stay permanent. Then improve the design of the fan system, so it can work while the lid is shut. All of these small additions will cost a penny here, a dollar there. So let's say increase the price by an extra $100.

                                      The bigger changes that would make this a much better product are the chipset and display. So trade that Intel Core i9-13900H chipset for a cheaper yet superior chipset in the form of the AMD r7-7840u. You would get better sustained performance, longer battery life, and a huge upgrade in graphics. So the savings here can offset the expenses above. Then change the display to one that is 16:10 with slightly higher 500nits brightness, keep it at 60Hz without touchscreen, but increase resolution slightly to at least 2300x1440 but preferably upto 3200x2000 pixels. That's a big quality of life improvement there, and would cost an extra $100 easily.

                                      The end result is a competent laptop that many people can use reliably for a number of years. Sure the price would go up slightly, but it would be well-worth it, AND it would still be much cheaper than competitors because they would all be using Intel Core-H chipsets with Nvidia RTX-40 dGPUs. This laptop won't be competitive with them on outright performance, but it would beat them in practicality, battery life, and price... factors that actual consumers care about.

                                      Spoiler: actual consumers do NOT care about fake or "fancy" gamerz designs and RGB flashes, they usually get turned off.

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                                        • 13 Aug 2023

                                        Anonymous, 13 Aug 202360Hz is still more than fine for most people.Sadly, they don't know that better displays are around. They just accept whatever that displays some kind of an image. :(