Galaxy S24 Ultra tipped for a switch to flat screen as well

22 August 2023
New dimensions suggest so.

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"Ice Universe says the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be 79mm wide, which can only be explained by a move to a flat screen."

They might switch to a flat panel, which would make more sense because of the S Pen than a curved screen, but I mean the vivo X Note is 80.3mm wide and has a curved screen.

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    • 22 Aug 2023

    Darth Caesium, 22 Aug 2023Good job on the flat screen, but there is still more that s... more"Replace the ToF sensor with a 0.3MP ToF 3D LiDAR "

    What apple calls Lidar is same Tof used by other phones.
    Any Tof can measure depth and shape of objects.

    Lidar of iphones is just Tof , not sort of radar.

      If true, this is a wise decision. The presence of the edge screen was my motivation for not purchasing the Ultra series.

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        • 22 Aug 2023


        I guess I am not getting it then, which is sad because the Ultra series have a lot of functionality I use.

        Skipped S23 Ultra because it’s already wider than the S22 Ultra, I have medium sized hands but using it with one hand is just not comfortable, not to mention it feels like I could drop it any minute.

        And more boxy phones like iPhone Pro Max series or ROG from Asus are even worse.

        Jeez Samsung, make the damn thing like 2mm more narrow, it’s already stupidly large.

          Good job on the flat screen, but there is still more that should be changed.

          Samsung should:
          •Reduce the screen size to 6.70" rather than increasing it to 6.90"
          •Increase the aspect ratio to 19.5:9
          •Round the corners to be something close to the corner radius of the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro
          •Curve the frame and sides (not the screen, the screen should stay flat)
          •Get rid of the chin and further reduce the bezels
          •Add at minimum 65W (80W preferable) wired, wireless and reverse wireless fast charging
          •Switch to the 1.0"-type 50MP Samsung GN6 sensor for the wide camera
          •Switch to the 1/1.56"-type 50MP Samsung GN5 sensor for the ultrawide camera
          •Replace the ToF sensor with a 0.3MP ToF 3D LiDAR (to use as both Laser AF and depth mapping, as the Laser AF capabilities would be far better)

            Rly, 22 Aug 2023Flat display and 16/9 ratio thx 🙏🏻one handed use would be pain. 16:9 on an bulky S ultra makes it wider. it would be classified as tablets.

              That's a welcome change.

                first the pixel 8 pro and now the s24 ultra if they bring the panel to 6.9 like the note 20 ultra and the s20 ultra, things will get very interesting!! the galaxy s24 ultra will be the device that takes the photos of my next vacation in summer 2024?

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                  • 22 Aug 2023

                  That is great news if real. Never miss going back to curved screen since I started using my Sony Xperia 1 iv with flat screen.

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                    • 22 Aug 2023

                    curved screens are ugly

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                      • 22 Aug 2023

                      Flat display and 16/9 ratio thx 🙏🏻

                        if they raise a 6.9 and remove that stick that the galaxy has carried since the s22 ultra, I'll go back to samsung

                          you have to suffer, 22 Aug 2023i know somebody can make mistakes on article typos🤯🤯

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                            • 22 Aug 2023

                            I love Flat screen

                              i know somebody can make mistakes on article titles.

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                                • 22 Aug 2023

                                is Samsung finally regaining some sense back?

                                  it made no sense at all for the note and then the ultra's to have a curved screen, the pen usage was abysmal, but blinded managemet didnt give 2 cents on what the consumer wanted.

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                                    • 22 Aug 2023

                                    Galaxy S23 Ultra tipped ? S24 Ultra.