Apple will tout the USB-C switch as a boon for users, but internally it is worried

04 September 2023
It's worried that there will be a repeat of the 30-pin to Lightning switch when people were upset that their old accessories are now obsolete.

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  • 08 Sep 2023

Usb-c worries eh? It all comes to one word - courage.

    jason, 05 Sep 2023this was hilarious to read....i needed that giggle, thank youKool-aid is highly addictive thanks to its sugar content, and it shows.

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      • 05 Sep 2023

      Tyas2012, 05 Sep 2023It's an Apple propaganda. Chargers don't affect o... moreSpot on, and just to further add, 3rd party chargers exist for iPhones and it doesn't do anything to their batteries, then you have the the MFI certified program that merely adds a further layer of protection, as they are built to higher standards, but ultimately the phone port regulates the power requirement

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        • 05 Sep 2023

        PhoneFreak45, 05 Sep 2023Unless a non-renewable fuel source or element is being thro... morethis was hilarious to read....i needed that giggle, thank you

          veryangrynerd, 04 Sep 2023It will most definitely waste less material, not all waste ... moreUnless a non-renewable fuel source or element is being thrown away or consumed, there is no environment gains to be had. The earth doesn't give an f how many times you recycle aluminum. It all ends up in the same place eventually, back in the earth where it started. This process just means that the metal will go into products faster, thanks to a less wasteful process. Absolutely zero environmental gains. If you wanna talk about the transportation of those materials, then be my guest, but I could care less about 0.00001% carbon emissions which are going to be reabsorbed by the environment anyways (isn't mother nature great? Always cleaning up after our mistakes)

          Mass psychosis - a word that describes the amount of people that think the world is somehow going to end due to energy that was put there by the sun (the only source of energy on earth) being burned and it's basic elements being released back into the atmosphere, where plants and various biological processes will reintroduce the elements into the cycle of the earth that's been the exact same for millions of years

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            • 05 Sep 2023

            sure, cause bloomberg newsletter is never wrong

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              • 05 Sep 2023

              You were expected to switch back with iPhone 12 and now your worried. Just get it done, usb-c is everywhere.

                jhtalisman, 05 Sep 2023You've obviously never had a failed charge port then.Your battery will die faster from heat than type c port from using charger. But anyway it will be cool if vendors start making phones that don't need charging during a day

                  Event Horizon, 05 Sep 2023The only disadvantage would probably be that people will us... moreIt's an Apple propaganda. Chargers don't affect on battery health. The phone itself decides how much power it needs

                    I have heard it said that this is terrible news for apple fans, because now when they are away and need to recherge, they can't just say "do you hvae an IPHONE charger". Bcecause if they do, you know they are being jerks who just want to signal they have an iphone.
                    Whereas before, they had to say na iphone because it was not compatible.

                    People are dumb like that.

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                      • 05 Sep 2023

                      as far as i remember iphone 11 pro were bundled with usb-c to lightning cable with a usb-c power brick.

                        G.Mills, 05 Sep 2023"The EU Directive requires Apple to use a USB, Type C ... moreThanks for reply, as a result I did a little research and went deep, deep into the Apple Vineyard (via the safety of GSMArena).

                        So my bad
                        Apple has did NOT stop supplying charging cables [presumably DATA SYNC] in the box they were USB to lightning.

                        With the upcoming iPhone 15, it will be Type C to Type C cable supplied.

                        When I wrote the first post I believed Apple did not provide cables at all they always have.

                        Apple only stopped providing chargers and airpods from iphone 12.
                        iPhone 10 standard charger Iphone 11 FAST CHARGER.


                        What's in the Box from review

                        They may stop altogether in future with cables given everyone has several.
                        The charger purchased will depend on what iphone 15 supports unlikely iPhones, will be 67 watts

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                          • 05 Sep 2023

                          jhtalisman, 05 Sep 2023You've obviously never had a failed charge port then.of course not. May be apple devices have issues with their charging ports. I have used android mid rangers and never had failed charging port.

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                            • 05 Sep 2023

                            Only line I buy is the lost MFI revenue. And of course customers being able to Leave. Don’t think to many people would stay put due to a cable.

                              ""current enclosures are milled out of solid blocks of metal, which creates a lot of waste material.""

                              Who the hell wrote that? Its not wasted, its one of most common thing that is recycled in manufacturing process, yes, storing it and transport is required for it but 99% of milled material is recycled, its even more than plastic molding waste that need additional grinding and separation.

                                their cables are obsolete anyways it’s still usb 2.0, while type c is gigabit ports

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                                  • 05 Sep 2023

                                  Almost every other devices that can be connected to phones (DACs, card readers, input devices) are USB-C. The only things it will make obsolete are their stupid MFI lighting to C adapters and their Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapters.
                                  Apple is the only one who is going to face losses because they won't get any licensing fee for MFI. Users will get access to affordable non-apple made accessories and can get rid of licensed adapters and converters.

                                    The only disadvantage would probably be that people will use all sorts of chargers and might destroy the battery faster in doing so. 🤔

                                      > Apple execs are worried about another backlash from fans
                                      > from fans

                                      Those fans are just a few mindless consumers that know nothing of the tech they use, who cares about them. I'm sure everyone knows by now why USB-C is superior.

                                      While Apple is worried, everyone else is all celebrating. Sucks to suck.

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                                        • 05 Sep 2023

                                        AnonD-546724, 04 Sep 2023This. Ever since wireless charging has been introduced,... moreYou've obviously never had a failed charge port then.