New OnePlus 12 renders reveal different camera island design

06 September 2023
It's rumored to launch in China in December and make international debut in January 2024.

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  • anishkrissh
  • X$w
  • 09 Oct 2023

i hope selfie camera gets an improvement

    24GB of RAM for what?

    The biggest disappointment on the OP11 was the regression to USB 2, which makes it impossible to use as a desktop device. With 16GB and the current generation Snapdragon even the OP11 has all the required capabilites to act as a Linux workstation, but without USB3 and Alt-DP support that potential cannot be exploited at all, not even with a custom ROM that's more desktop friendly.

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      • Xeros
      • K1L
      • 29 Sep 2023

      Please be flat screen

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        • Wish
        • 3%V
        • 18 Sep 2023

        Anonymous, 12 Sep 2023Very bad design I wish 6.8 display and popup camera.... I'm craving for such a phone..

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          • Anonymous
          • auK
          • 12 Sep 2023

          Very bad design

            Seems like OnePlus will have a unified design langauge across their lineup this year. Very smart move!

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              • Anonymous
              • g$j
              • 07 Sep 2023

              PorkHotdog, 06 Sep 2023Still ugly afLike a HIPPO!

              Still love its features. Puts Apple to shame esp for the price! The best bang for the buck!
              Loose those round camera pool, tho. Center them like normal folks will like to take pictures!

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                • Anonymous
                • bE8
                • 07 Sep 2023

                CediInfini, 07 Sep 2023Can someone remind me why we need 24 gb in a phone again? Bragging rights/padding the spec sheet.

                  Can someone remind me why we need 24 gb in a phone again?

                    • ames
                    • Jx9
                    • 07 Sep 2023

                    The main problem for me with this design is the same I had with the OnePlus 11. The side-aligned camera-island makes almost every case nearly impossible to stick. If you put literally any case on the phone (and I've tried 15 cases at least) and you pick the phone up in a certain way you will definitely pick it up the case will flip off the phone's right side where the camera cutout is so big. Overall it's a nice design by look, but protecion-wise...not so much. 80% of the owners use a case so it's not a factor you simply ignore.

                      mr stoosh, 06 Sep 2023Looking forward to this phone. I've been using the OP ... moreExcept display, everything is on point. I hope price remains same.

                        Anonymous, 06 Sep 2023This looks just like the OnePlus 11.Are you the anonymous person to keep complaining about license? In patents? What you gonna say. Now that it's gonna be a snapdragon? Lol

                          This is just OnePlus 11 with overrated curved display af

                            Ahiujmk, 06 Sep 2023centered punch-hole? Just for that I will not buy. Stick wi... moreI'd rather they give centered punch hole instead of the side punch. I need all my notifications at the side and not some camera in its place.

                            There's some IP rating, but they can't make every phone waterproof,
                            It's definitely coming with USB 3.2 gen 1 with 5Gbps transfer speed.
                            I can't say anything about Samsung Dex because I haven't heard about it. Probably use some random app that is like Samsung Dex?
                            All phones heat up. The shift to TSMC has helped them get better thermals so there should be less heat on this handset.
                            I doubt they'll give some universal charging solution. They want you to have their proprietary charging from Oppo so dont expect some universal solution.

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                              • Presley
                              • nuI
                              • 07 Sep 2023

                              Furkan, 06 Sep 2023I hate Oneplus they is much worse than XiaomiGreat phone

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                                • Furkan
                                • mbW
                                • 06 Sep 2023

                                I hate Oneplus they is much worse than Xiaomi

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • y2e
                                  • 06 Sep 2023

                                  This looks just like the OnePlus 11.

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                                    • Johnny
                                    • xK5
                                    • 06 Sep 2023

                                    The cartwheel design still looks ridiculous.

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                                      • Ahiujmk
                                      • ndS
                                      • 06 Sep 2023

                                      centered punch-hole? Just for that I will not buy. Stick with OnePlus 10 pro. One of the things that was making OnePlus was the side placed camera. Was beautiful. Why would you change it?
                                      If you gonna change something remove the side button, give waterproofing, give usb type C 3.0 with a software like Samsung Dex, deal with heat, make stronger body, give more universal charging solutions, give e-sim etc... Who can't companies keep the good things and improve? Why they're so confused?

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                                        • 0p}
                                        • 06 Sep 2023

                                        Anton., 06 Sep 2023Maybe bbk has the last word on OP, harman is more like a sa... moreHarmam-Kardon was bought by samsung years ago.

                                        No. Oppo tells what OP can and cannot.
                                        Not BBK administration.
                                        BBK is in charge of own products ( mostly kitchen electronics) .