New OnePlus 12 renders reveal different camera island design

06 September 2023
It's rumored to launch in China in December and make international debut in January 2024.

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It is in the hope in case the pixel 8 pro turns out to be a fiasco !! only include wireless and reverse charging.

give us a oneplus flat panel!! do that and you are going to sell a lot in 2024 and at a competitive price, at a price that tends to drop very quickly

    This side stove design camera Island is becoming boring. I miss the 8 pro camera island design. Can't we go back for once 🤷

      As usual, the abominable curved screen.

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        • 06 Sep 2023

        Curved screen to satisfy ppl here ..

          A feature that most flagships lack unlike OnePlus phones: ultra fast charging.

            Looking forward to this phone. I've been using the OP 11 for most of the year and it's a great device. This is after owning the Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S3 Ultra. The OP 11 IMO was a return to form by OnePlus I hope they stay on this trajectory.