Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ to come with 16 GB RAM, cost over $1,200

07 September 2023
The starting price in China would be CNY8,999 for the 512 GB version.

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  • 07 Sep 2023

Aierlan, 07 Sep 2023It's almost impossible to buy the mate 60 pro or mate ... moreHAHAH....due to limited chips in storage bought at pre-sanction.

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    • 07 Sep 2023

    You can buy it with your eyes closed.

      Huawei has been great for me, but despite all boose in skies, of which everyone is happy about, it still remains on the reality behind, if Huawei is really doing it on its own from their industries, It's really beautiful inspirational and motivational for everyone facing challenges in the wild.

      But if on its own is not doing it, even if everyone fances it..... It's going to blow everyone and Huawei the beautiful brand we love , will be down to shame.

      As for pro+ model, it's good news, Mate/P 40 pro+ had a good 10x optical zoom, i would love to see it back, in a better way.

      Again, i personally like curved screens, I was amazed by mate 40pro+ with 94.1% screen to body ratio, i would love to see more than that beating the Honor magic 3 ultimate that clocked 94.9% screen to body ratio.

      Some users hate curved screens cause they shutter alot, but I love their beauty while holding the gadget and they are immersive. After all, every screen can shutter at any time depending where it was hit. Why not hold the beautiful one then.

        Huawei is making a 5G modem on SMIC's 14nm++++++++++ node 😂😂😂 and Apple is still struggling with Intel's old modem division. I guess you get what you pay for. 😆😆😆

          Yeah, a treat for the Chinese, that's all

            It's almost impossible to buy the mate 60 pro or mate 60 at the moment in China. The demand is huge but the supply is limited

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              • 07 Sep 2023

              rosesarerosie, 07 Sep 2023Oh the phone with the best camera is comingwould nt mind paying that sum of money for an at least
              10x optical zoom + 100x digital zoom + 7680 fps super
              slow motion as the p 40 pro + but i can only hope that i
              will have at least 15-20 optical zoom and150-200digital
              zoom and also retain its 7680 fps and i think & ordinary
              user will be able2use it for 5-10years for 16ram 1tb rom


              & anyway does the p40pro+ optical & digital zoom can
              win that of the one in the mate 60 pro in those 2 areas


                Oh the phone with the best camera is coming