Weekly poll results: the Sony Xperia 5 V is a great phone but is overpriced

10 September 2023
Some flaws are too hard to swallow at €1,000, including the short software support window, the lacking telephoto camera and more.

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  • 10 Sep 2023

ExmorT is true nex gen. Only haters, fake paid reviews and competition managers cant say "no it is not". Just chceck low light 4K HDR HLG from this sensor.

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    • 10 Sep 2023

    If Sony is going to keep the $999 price tag for Xperia 5 lineup, then there should be a cheaper version around $649 or $699 with Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2. I see lots of people who loves the camera but don't need Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

    As for the lack of telephoto, it's too early to tell whether Sony made a permanent decision with its removal or testing the market. If Sony puts back a telephoto camera on 6th gen Xperia 5, then Sony have been analyzing the public reaction. Remember when Sony put back the headphone jack on the Xperia 1 ii after two years of removing it?

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      • 10 Sep 2023

      Probably because the respondents are the pay-more-for-less type of consumers.

        MRSTEK, 10 Sep 2023You still think there "Japanese" corps manufactur... moreBut atleast they are made from scratch to Achieve certain goals not just Odm phones.

        I read somewhere for Sony to be able to put 5000mah battery in these small phones they had to redesign and split motherboard, they always manage to pack lot of tech in small area.

          In some places it's $100 cheaper. In others, it's priced like last year's. As a phone I think it's fine, but it's competition is not just second grade flagship.

            The price tag doesn't bother me much since Sony always makes quality, durable phones. A friend of mine already moved on to the 2019 Xperia 1 as his current daily driver, yet his previous 2019 Xperia 10 Plus still works like a charm and keeps it as a backup phone.

            However, I do think Sony can give more than two OS updates. If you go to Sony's AOSP Xperia Open Devices page*, you can see kernel support for 2019 Xperia 1/5 and 2020 Xperia 1 ii/5 ii/10 ii up to Android 13. There's even a guide on how to build Android 13 AOSP for them**. So yeah, I do think Sony can give a third OS update. But I won't be surprised if Sony doesn't do that if people keep changing phones every year or two, especially for those who buy phones through carrier contracts.


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              • 10 Sep 2023

              Yuril Artwaltz, 10 Sep 2023Xperia 5 V cost around $1000 (MYR 4599) here in Malaysia an... moreWow, those prices are noticeably lower than many non-US countries. How so?

                msi, 10 Sep 2023maybe sony should put the production into taiwan or foxconn... moreYou still think there "Japanese" corps manufacture things within Japan? LMAO.

                Many of Sony's current prodution plants are in Malay, Thailand and Vietnam. China mainland and Taiwan are too expensive.

                By the way they just moved the phone manufature plants out of China mainland circa 2019. Xperia phones are mainly made in Thailand now.

                  Looking at heureka site where anyone can put anything into a search bar and it will search all vendors who ave the searched items for sale and will show prices and availability,


                  For a sony phones to buy and seeing some very old models there even those who came before android for an unbelievable prices at some vendors giving me the creeps.
                  Honestly Sony is expensive but some vendors at Slovakia definitely lost more than just credit and reputation.

                    Of course this price is not good for the phone. Poor update support and no telephoto camera for this price just makes the phone not worth it.

                    But of course, such people would buy this over the S23 (which is better in almost every way) just for the SD card support and headphone jack, which is outright dumb, literally.

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                      • 10 Sep 2023

                      maybe sony should put the production into taiwan or foxconn china, so the price maybe 20-30% lower

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                        • 10 Sep 2023

                        Yuril Artwaltz, 10 Sep 2023Xperia 5 V cost around $1000 (MYR 4599) here in Malaysia an... moreWOW 😳 with that price, yeah, I'll would too go for iPhone. Get good software support than just 2 years support. Really not worth the money 😳

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                          • 10 Sep 2023

                          Ederson, 10 Sep 2023Removing a feature like the telephoto camera, which all pre... moreRemember that Snoycucks defend his by saying the main lens zoom will handle it 😂

                            Xperia 5 V cost around $1000 (MYR 4599) here in Malaysia and with that price, you literally can buy an iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB or Galaxy S23 Ultra (25GGB at $876 and 512GB at $1000). Nobody willing to spend that much of money without extra additional features that stand out from the crowd. SDcard and headphone jack is nothing to non-audiophile user.

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                              • 10 Sep 2023

                              should've been like 700$

                                It's time to start using UFS card slots. We need micro UFS cards with a read/write speeds of 1000/400MB/s, and make them backward compatible with micro SDXC cards.

                                If they can't do that, make the internal storage removable or be able to plug to a PC or something for backing up the software in the case of a total phone failure. Stop making us pay for expensive cloud storage.

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                                  • 10 Sep 2023

                                  Should be around 400-500 euros, not more. Hopefully 2nd hand market will have it for a good price.

                                    Removing a feature like the telephoto camera, which all previous versions of the Xperia 5 V had (even the Xperia 10 V has it), is like giving someone a gift and then asking for it back. It was a bad idea.
                                    For the more layman who buys a smartphone in a physical store, it is possible that they think that the Xperia 5 V is an inferior model to other cheaper models (such as the Xperia 10 V itself), and end up buying from competitors. If the Xperia 5 line had always only had two cameras, it would be understandable.

                                      already out of the top 10 trending, 2 Huawei flagship is still strong even though it's China only. Meanwhile this Sony got reviews immediately after it was released but people didn't care.

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                                        • 10 Sep 2023

                                        I understand SD slot rules and all but 8/128 for EUR 1000 is an heresy