Infinix introduces 3D Lighting Leather technology

11 September 2023
3D Lighting Leather will make its debut on an exclusive Infinix Note 30 VIP special edition model later this month.

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  • 11 Sep 2023

RealLifePhones, 11 Sep 2023consumers: we want plastic phones because they don't b... moreWhat tF is your problem with vegan leather ? Well companies don't even care about about your opinion. Vegan leather sells and that's why they make it. I personally don't mind buying a phone with it. So do everyone else a favour, don't speak for them. Let them choose and have options

    consumers: we want plastic phones because they don't break/shatter like glass sandwiches
    reviewers: bash every plastic phone because "iT fEelS cHeAP"
    OEMs: let's try calling it faux leather/vegan leather maybe it will fool reviewers
    reviewers: wow look at that it's so premium and doesn't break like glass does
    people with more than 2 brain cells: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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      • 11 Sep 2023

      Rotciv Ikias, 11 Sep 2023Infinix is really trying so hard to be the industries first... moreInfinix's GT 10 Pro is just a flashy paint job underneath a plastic back,there are no strip lighting only a circular flash for the camera and a notification/gaming/charging indicator composed of five tiny diagonal lines on the camera island. If this is what you are referring to then you're probably confusing Nothing's lighting arrangement with GT10 Pro's paint job. The Nothing phone's lights are not essential and seem to appeal to twelve year old. GT 10 Pro's customer base are those who will not spend an obscene amount on a phone simply to play games - they get a gamer looking phone that does its job for a lot less money. Really neither can be compared. This aesthetic has been on many previous phones indeed glyphs are nothing new!

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        • 11 Sep 2023

        [deleted post]Well who doesn't like beauty ? Even tho just on outside. And prices are quite competitive currently on infinix phones. So yeah, it sells

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          • 11 Sep 2023

          Anonymous, 11 Sep 2023Stop calling plastic “leather”, leather is from an animal. acutally no real leather will be used in smartphones, this is mainly due to the challenges in craftsmanship and environmental concerns. most of the phones ad as LEATHER are in fact made from synthetic materials like PU or TPU to mimic the texture of leather

            this sure looks better and stylish. infinix was sure known to make devices that are beautiful outside beast inside. not like bbk where they glorifying garbage low end devices that are like: beautiful outside, garbage inside..

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              • 11 Sep 2023

              DarlingYext, 11 Sep 2023Synthetic Leather, Eco Leather, Fake Leather, Faux Leather ... moreIf its not leather they should not be using the word "leather".

              This is BS marketing ...

              Say plastic, don't lie and invent words to sound "better"

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                • 11 Sep 2023

                Stop calling plastic “leather”, leather is from an animal.

                  If I'm in public and I see someone holding a phone that's glowing and pulsing red I'm ducking for cover

                    Part of me is glad we're seeing *something* out of the phone industry. The other part of me is a bit disappointed that we have to resort to gimmicks these days in order to truly stand out year by year. At least this gimmick should be affordable knowing Transsion's main demography.

                    The phone market has largely stagnated these past years; you can still own a 3 year old flagship device and be good to skip all the newer gen flagships. Cameras are still competitive to the casual observer, performance gains are getting less perceptible, displays are getting too large just for the sake of upgrade, and bezels are razor thin already.

                    I only noted the flagships since they're the ones to first carry their makers' innovations. I do notice that we're trickling down flagship features and characteristics to lower and lower price points (as they should).

                      IgorS, 11 Sep 2023At least they are trying to not get boring or ugly designs ... more"Infinix still have their proprietary 260W fast charging tech."

                      I don't think they (or anyone else) is allowed to put charging technology that fast into a phone that's anything, but a concept right now. Same with their 110W proprietary fast wireless charging, which is definitely not happening anytime soon, as wireless charging is for sure capped at 50W.

                      I know, it wasn't always capped, the Magic4 Pro technically came out with 100W wireless charging, but for newer phones it is capped now.

                        it could be zero 30 ultra

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                          • 11 Sep 2023

                          At least they are trying to not get boring or ugly designs like 92% of the brands in the market.

                          Note 30 VIP special edition, huh? Maybe with an even faster charging? Infinix still have their proprietary 260W fast charging tech.

                            Stupo, 11 Sep 2023So synthetic leather then? it will still be called "le... moreSynthetic Leather, Eco Leather, Fake Leather, Faux Leather and the most hated name for it would be Vegan Leather. It doesn't really matter which one, fake leather has got so many names, they should've just used one of them, if it's not real leather.

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                              • 11 Sep 2023

                              DarlingYext, 11 Sep 2023I see nothing wrong with them experimenting, but I don'... moreSo synthetic leather then? it will still be called "leather"

                                Transsion really out here trying a bunch of stuff

                                  I see nothing wrong with them experimenting, but I don't like it, that they just called it "Leather", when it's not. Call it, Lightning Eco Leather, or whatever, but they should make it obvius that it's not real leather.

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                                    • 11 Sep 2023

                                    Thank you carl pei

                                      Plastic can have any transparency level, so nothing too surprising here.

                                        ADHD is pretty much limitless.