Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro prices leak along with images of all the color options

11 September 2023
There is a leatherette option for both models. They will have roughly identical specs, save for the chipset and battery charging hardware.

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  • 12 Sep 2023

Way too close in price to better phones from Apple, Google, and Samsung. I have no idea why anyone would buy these at full price.

    With that price, I fear the T variant doesn't serve its purpose as a cheaper alternative to their flagship lineup. Might as well get the normal 13 and 13 Pro.

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      • 12 Sep 2023

      Anonymous, 11 Sep 20239200+ is 8 Gen 2 level... And even +30% on Ray-tracing... ... more50mm is just a portrait lens, not a telephoto. If it was 70mm, maybe.

        Anonymous, 12 Sep 2023400€ more expensive than chinese version? Nope The Chinese version with Dimensity 9200+ is 383 euro (2,999rmb) for 16gb 512gb. If this pricing is correct the European Dimensity 9200+ version would be 517 euro (135%) more expensive with less RAM but the same storage. However two things to remember. 1. The European version has significantly better camera hardware across all sensors. 2. This is just rumored pricing at this stage.

          Too expensive like most comments, look again, it's the 12/512GB storage variant.

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            • 12 Sep 2023

            400€ more expensive than chinese version? Nope

              JayRoar, 12 Sep 2023These are third party sellers tagged as official and legit ... moreYeah, the 13 pro is very good value if you can get the global variant for the price you mention. Would definitely take it over the 13t pro even if they were both the same price.

                Aierlan, 12 Sep 2023Yes, HK is officially part of China but the currency and pr... moreThese are third party sellers tagged as official and legit by the app. The amount i indicated where already converted so people here can easily compare.
                Just lucky most hongkong china and global variants bands 4g and 5g works well here in our country.
                And yes i agree with you 13 pro may be better than 13t pro and would pick it over t anytime.

                  JayRoar, 12 Sep 2023When you compare two things and you say the other is worse,... moreNah, my point is in relation to a commenter who said the '13t pro' is better than the '13 pro'. The normal response to this type of comment would be to say no it's not better than the '13 pro', it's worse than the '13 pro'. That in no way implies the 13 pro is bad at all. The comment is not in isolation. It is a response to the previous comment.

                    JayRoar, 12 Sep 2023Hong kong is china. As i have said we buy from hongkong via... moreYes, HK is officially part of China but the currency and pricing for phones is different and mainland China launches are not the same. The phones themselves also have different band coverage and have different software versions (between the PROC version and the HK version). I checked Xiaomi's official online store in HK where there seems to be no big discounts on the Xiaomi 13 pro or 13 ultra. Maybe from third parties.

                      Aierlan, 12 Sep 2023No, where did I say anything about the 13 pro being bad? Y... moreWhen you compare two things and you say the other is worse, the other musr be bad. Same way when you say one thing ia better, the orher must be good. Worse and better are compararive forms

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                        • 12 Sep 2023

                        Dimtons, 11 Sep 2023No snapdragon meaning no Gcam, i hate xiaomi image processi... moreGcam can work only on snapdragon not even exynos?

                          JayRoar, 12 Sep 2023By your choice of words, youre saying 13 pro is really bad,... moreNo, where did I say anything about the 13 pro being bad? You haven't read my post properly at all. I'm saying that the 13 pro is intended to be the far more premium model. It's pretty clear from the specs. I think the 13t pro is also good (I've tried the k60 ultra). It's got a much better camera setup than the Chinese k60 ultra. However, it's just significantly less premium than the 13 pro. The projected price though shows this as it will be launched a lot cheaper than the 13 pro. Basically, you get what you pay for.

                            Aierlan, 12 Sep 202313t pro is far worse that the 13 pro. It's not meant t... moreBy your choice of words, youre saying 13 pro is really bad, just 13t pro is worse...

                              Aierlan, 12 Sep 2023Where are there massive discounts on the 13pro and 13 ultra... moreHong kong is china. As i have said we buy from hongkong via an app. And tomorrow is last day of sale.

                                Anonymous, 11 Sep 2023Lets suppose it is JN1. Too large to use at 70mm without ... moreThe Xiaomi 13 pro uses the jn1 with 75mm. I don't think that is a periscope. Isn't it just a regular telephoto?

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                                  • 12 Sep 2023

                                  Alex 94, 11 Sep 2023Qualcomm is not better than Mediatek today.Only issue with MediaTek is good luck finding a custom rom for the newer flagship Dimensity chipsets. Whilst with Qualcomm is a breeze for developers to create custom roms for them, as long as the manufacturer allows for an unlockable bootloader.

                                    Anonymous, 11 Sep 2023900 euros for mediatek chip inferior to 8+g1. China Star ... moreBoe is best chinese and every year fails to meet quality demanded by Apple. When other have years ago.

                                    Apple and quality you must be joking. Jerryrigeverything and many other people proven apple quality is just a marketing trick to brainwash apple sheeps just like Apple shapphire glass when its been proven is nothing but ordinary glass same goes for many else.
                                    But i like your funny style.

                                    900 euros for mediatek chip inferior to 8+g1. Mediatek is fine nothing wrong with it. People just were used Snapdragon chips for too long so they litterary forget someone else is here and could preform exactly same or even better.

                                    China Star oled , when should be LG , Samsung or Sharp. Should and why??? Whats wromg with China star oled??? Have you or your friends any real life experience with it??? No you dont. Huawei using simmilar screens for a very long time and for a very long time they were one of top brands even best selling brand in 2019-2020 before US started this nonsense against chinese brands. But they are happy if China abourers can be used as slaves to make Apple phones and other US products like a Guess fashio brand etc.

                                    Leica stuff is region dependent for this phone. No is not it comes with every phone where it should be.

                                    No usb 3.2 , no gorilla victus/victus+/victus 2. That phone is not even out and you saying those lies. Have you no shame sir???

                                    MiUI. Way better than bloatware called one UI which takes 4GB of ram just for this bloatware. Low cost samsung phones with 4GB ram does not work after first few updates.

                                    No ad free. Like any phone have no ads??? Runing google chrome or any other brownser ads everywhhere. Even samsung, Pixels etc have them. By the way you can turn off them all in settings. Please if you dont know mandatory things stop writting nonsense but kindly ask someone englighted.

                                    Malware that hacks chrome. This is problem of every device not jsut Xiaomi.
                                    Thats why i use TOR brownser in most cases to be anonymous everyhwere.

                                    Once again dont be casual hater learn something then talk.
                                    I know its awkward hearing this from person like me but even i learned something over several years visiting theses pages.

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                                      • 12 Sep 2023

                                      The price is always crazy for European market, but for us in Asia the price will be half of it.

                                        Vibe, 11 Sep 2023Its a great deal, it has good software updates which was th... moreWell the only cons is price just for now. Soon with first discounts even this will be solved.