The iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most competitive Apple flagship in years

17 September 2023
Android flagship users are caught looking at the iPhone.

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  • 17 Sep 2023

you have to suffer, 17 Sep 2023still couldn't zoom more than 15xThat’s what makes a phone competitive

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    • 17 Sep 2023

    I’m pretty invested with android and iPhone. I have a flip 3 for work which I love. And I have a personal iPhone 13 PM. Both awesome.

    To say the 15, which is just the redone over and over and even mention a cable port as a main point is ridiculous.

    Where’s the journalism? I love Apple, but you have to be a little more objective. It’s literally marginally better than a 12/13/14

      That image got me laughing

        still couldn't zoom more than 15x

          gsmguru, 17 Sep 2023Just like apple copied others?Brands do copy each other.

            Mike9625, 17 Sep 2023But, wait it is 🤣🤣… better zoom capabilities, not big cutou... moreUnless you want a built-in remote, s pen is useless. And those zoom gimmicks, again.

            Also, Android and iOS each have their own strengths.

              [deleted post]Your "230mm" produces photos that are barely usable.

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                • 17 Sep 2023

                Dimtons, 17 Sep 2023A x5 zoom camera and Type C is used as an argument 😬 Wha... moreYou can't consume media on non tablets IMO. It will always be a subpar experience. Tabs is the first size that starts emulating the TV experience (when talking amount of our view taken by a screen).

                Sadly tabs are huge and impractical. Westworld type phones (that turn into tabs for media consumption and then back to phone for chat or quick use) are decades away still. Current foldables are a joke.

                  Mike9625, 17 Sep 2023The article might as well say, apple previous phones were y... moreSimilar article coming nxt year for Sony.
                  I hope they stop repeating after apple tho, can't they be the first?

                    It's definitely competitive in hi res mode from main camera which is maybe the best, visible on carton paper and the lines.
                    Mate X2 comes close, then p60pro, then the rest.
                    Vivo x60 pro+ was the closest from vivo, but very soft to the edges.
                    Maybe you can find something that performs better?

                    Anyway, just one awesome camera is not enough if we can have 3 or 4 with pretty close performances and different FoVs.
                    Hi res HDR and cold colors(not pink, not yellow, not red/brown) is what I look for in the next device.
                    It may be better since dual layer comes next, but color and poor or worm like processing may still cripple that, as it's with a lot phones coming with 200mp but performing like 13.5mp.
                    I also hope pixels are not the only thing for competition.

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                      • 17 Sep 2023

                      Mike9625, 17 Sep 2023The article might as well say, apple previous phones were y... more👆 Exactly!
                      Huawei P30 had periscope camera already 4.5 years ago and now they want to tell us that iphone is best phone because it got a periscope telephoto camera in 2023.
                      Not just that, they put some sharp, uncomfortable edges on iphones starting with iphone 12 series just to differ from android phones, now they regret and try to make those edges rounder in order to hide their mistake. They put the "smallest bezels ever on an iphone" while android phones have no bezels for years now. It has the f*cking best chipset on a smartphone to date, but such a performance a phone will never ever use.

                        justasmile, 17 Sep 2023Apple haters simply don't care. They don't car... moreBut, wait it is 🤣🤣… better zoom capabilities, not big cutouts in the screen, the S pen, dex, and ✨Android✨

                          The article might as well say, apple previous phones were years behind the competition and it’s finally catching up.

                            Anonymous, 17 Sep 2023There's such sense of relief on iOS that's hard t... moreThere have been so many critical bugs on iOS 16.

                              I’m upgrading from 13pm 256GB to iPhone 15 pm 256GB £1199.99 from Argos uk. Phone contracts are a rip off cheaper to buy the phone outright and get a unlimited sim only contract.

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                                • 17 Sep 2023

                                If no android user was taken with the 14 series ,why should they start looking at the Iphone 15 series. There really isnt much of a change . Its just the same Iphone series that started using some specs that has been on android for years

                                  gsmguru, 17 Sep 2023Thanks for proving my point that fruit fanboy can't us... to show your source you rabid Fandroid? Or did you come from the future using your “superior” mid range Android phone and managed to read the future article from this website? Goodness, for a kid bragging about their intellect you’re failing miserably…

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                                    • 17 Sep 2023

                                    IpsDisplay, 17 Sep 2023What's watchdog?The dog that watches

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                                      • 17 Sep 2023

                                      gsmguru, 17 Sep 2023iTroll fanboys can't even do simple research. Go see t... more"80% of those are about criticizing Apple and the site for such a pathetic article"
                                      That's because is easy to hate what you don't understand or use. Also, Fandroids will hate just about everything Apple related, even without reading the actual articles. That's just sad.

                                      "And go check the phone's favourite numbers, Even the android mid-range has more numbers."
                                      What numbers? Have you ever used an iPhone in your life? Not in store for 10 minutes. In day to day life. Even a 3+ years old iPhone, like the iPhone 11 Pro beats modern Android mid-range (in support and lag free usage).

                                      "Your fanbase is not geeks who will come here and will learn something about tech."
                                      Well, last I checked this is not a tech site for geeks. Is just a phone site for phone users, average or non-average.

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                                        • 17 Sep 2023

                                        for the first time in a few years am seeing the opposite in Iphone 14 and 13 pro max sales-folks going back to Android those were the ones lured by deals and or peer pressure/family pressure (why don't you get on to this so we can share this and that and this) using both and I see lots of vulnerabilities in Iphone simply because of the plethora of sharing prompts and options - so easy to give it all to others (never mind touted security - you can easily put yourself in an insecure position) the tactile haptic feel is garbage (same after all these years) and no 4 row keyboard (have to switch back and forth between to get the number row)...basics