Flashback: saying goodbye to the Lightning port

17 September 2023
Here lies the beloved Lightning port - it powered many devices over its decade long lifespan, but it's time to go as the era of USB-C is undeniably here.

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  • 17 Sep 2023

Koishi Komeiji, 17 Sep 2023when iPhone 7: "Apple saying goodbye to the 3.5mm head... more25 iteration is 5 too many IMO. A technology of a certain form factor should not for more than 20. Already smartphones look like old designs. They were new and exciting in 2007. Ever since then they are iterative designs without adding anything fundamentally new. I hope they kill is by 2028 , but I'm sure you'd be proven right and we'd get any other 10 years of this dying technology... sadly.

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    • 17 Sep 2023

    Noooo! Gsmarenaaa!!!

    I crashed in here all because of today's POLL, and I have all my gees with me here.
    We have our popcorn🍿🍿🍿😜ready waiting anxiously for the moment 😂

    .... Oh pure HEAVEN!

      when iPhone 7: "Apple saying goodbye to the 3.5mm headphone jack, to be replaced by AirPods"
      when iPhone X: "Apple saying goodbye to the physical home button, with innovation notch"
      when iPhone 12: "Apple saying goodbye to the charger in a box, for e-waste environment"
      when iPhone 15: "Apple saying goodbye to the SIM trays, to be replaced by eSIM. but not in some regions"
      when iPhone 19: "Apple saying goodbye to the charger cable and stickers, only phone made in a box"
      when iPhone 25: "Apple saying goodbye to the phone, the end of era"

      that how iPhone evolutionary works

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        • 17 Sep 2023

        Booring article, next time look over all of the different analog audio jacks.

          IPhone in the future: say goodbye to everything that I made

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            • 17 Sep 2023

            It was funny Apple advertising the USB-C port like it wasn't forced on them 😂