The iPhone 15 series is disappointing, says Honor CEO a day ahead of the Honor V Purse launch

18 September 2023
CEO George Zhao thinks that Apple is losing its position as a leader in the smartphone industry and that it is falling behind on innovation.

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  • 18 Sep 2023

ha hahaha

    I'm an iPhone user and I agree with this person (idk his name) even tho I don't really like Honor or Huawei. Apple hasn't released anything exciting since the 12 mini and the SE in 2020, prior to the rest of the 12 series all their phones were so much more exciting.

      What's disappointing is announcing a phone is going global, giving it to youtubers for promotion, but releasing it 6 months later, which is only about 6 months from the next generation.

        I mean, they're not wrong, but really the same thing could be said about the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 11... (you get the point)

        This sudden "realization" feels forced, an obvious jab at the Apple for marketing and publicity sake. I on the other hand have already come to terms with Apple's lack of innovation and think the iPhone 15 (Pro only) is great for what it is. I've lately been more disappointed with Google and Samsung.

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          • 18 Sep 2023

          Anonymous, 18 Sep 2023Embarrassing. Insulting a competitor is a sign of weakness ... moreWow, telling the truth is insulting your opponent.

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            • 18 Sep 2023

            when you are a dog on a short leash it's easy to barking at the lions behind the fence

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              • 18 Sep 2023

              No news anyway. Apple devices are always boring and basic.

                I mean he's not wrong but Honor hasn't exactly been the greatest company lately either. They actually offered good bang for your buck back in the day. Now? No.

                  Thank you Mr CEO captain obvious! But you think that a purse is the right innovation? haha

                    Anton., 18 Sep 2023search on google and you will find out which ones, almost h... moreBruh 80% here in my country uses Android,

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                      • 18 Sep 2023

                      That reputation is just that. Their reputation has always day exceeded reality.
                      And sadly android manufactures are becoming just like them.

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                        • 18 Sep 2023

                        Lol.. Iphone is elegant, durable material, simple and safe.

                          I can't wait for the day Apple will finally release the iFoldable(iFold 1). Ah, the mockery

                            Anton., 18 Sep 2023search on google and you will find out which ones, almost h... moreHalf the planet = America 🤣
                            So you believe more than 4 Billion people want iPhones? Ah, bro. You either give me that weed you're high on, or you drop statistics for your claim ☠️

                              Feem, 18 Sep 2023I don’t understand why phone companies have to copy Apple w... moreApple has a folding purse?

                                rizki1, 18 Sep 2023Are there any interesting flagships this year? the ones tha... morePixel...7 or 8? Tf ☠️ Even the Pixel 7a is more interesting than the Pixel 7

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                                  • 18 Sep 2023

                                  Sure they are disappointing, but Atleast they aren’t banned by a number of countries on suspicions of using spyware. And Atleast they are available globally and not limited to only the home country.

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                                    • 18 Sep 2023

                                    Anonymous, 18 Sep 2023Embarrassing. Insulting a competitor is a sign of weakness ... moreI agree, look at Joe Newmans ABA league he always trash talks NBA G League but the modern so called ABA cannot even schedule a full season without cancellations and high school gym evictions, this Honor CEO is like joe newman to a degree - i used to use tmobile and had a honor 7x and it was only good for FM radio so thats why i buy apple now

                                      [deleted post]What's so innovative about it ? Sure, it can fold, but the screen is way too fragile for an everyday device, and I'm not looking forward to spend a $1000+ for a foldable only to baby it constantly
                                      If that's something that you're willing to deal with then fine, be happy about it, but don't judge us for not having the same opinion, thanks !

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                                        • 18 Sep 2023

                                        Embarrassing. Insulting a competitor is a sign of weakness and inferiority. Let your products and sales speak, not your mouth.