Samsung Galaxy S23 FE price leaks

26 September 2023
It's definitely shaping up to be the cheapest S23.

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prices will continue to rise people often don’t buy phones sales fall according to their logic if you need a phone you can overpay a couple hundred dollars

    Lovely Platypus, 26 Sep 2023It's worse then vanilla model, every year, AND more ex... moreFE is supposed to be a lineup of bringing S23 features at cheaper prices. Of course there has to be compromises.

      An S22+ costs $378 USD and the only thing you're lacking is 1 extra year of updates. Who would even buy this 'Failure Edition' then?

        the true and last FE only belongs to the S20 FE. still no replacements for it

          I have owned a S20 FE but it was somewhat of a mixed bag. Nice device, well made, great screen and enough power but certainly not smooth nor power efficient. It also had a 4500 mAh battery but it was hard to get through the day on one charge and it also tended to get toasty, even while being used heavily. Of course it was an equinox chipset and that would already explain things. In short I'm not convinced that I would pay more than €700 for such a device.
          That's immediately another great frustration. Why the hell must everything be a (lot) more expensive on the "old continent". Does every service / goods provider still think that European citizens are rich and can afford to pay a lot more for the same than elsewhere? Or is it that they still use European citizens to compensate for the lower prices? Or is it just plain theft? Especially when you know that the Euro is only slightly higher than the Dollar. The general rule for common people is that you still have 1 dollar for 1 euro (give or take) so why does a device that costs 600 dollar have to cost 7 to 800 euro? Taxes? Not really so what else?

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            • wr4
            • 26 Sep 2023

            S20 FE is the last "true FE"

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              • 3Rd
              • 26 Sep 2023

              Aladeen, 26 Sep 2023In Germany you can buy S23 for 680 eur. No reason to buy S2... moreGood. Then it means you can buy S23 FE for €499 or something with discounts.

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                • madpiyal
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                • 26 Sep 2023

                the fan edition does not bring any "fan specific" features anymore. At least differentiate it with something that the fans actually want, like a headphone jack or a fast charger or the same spec of existing S23. ....The pricing is ridiculous also, it's gonna be pricier than the S23 at launch here. Absurd

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                  • 26 Sep 2023

                  I just dont understand the hatred towards this phone already. The MSRP of the A54 in lets say Germany is 489€ and of the S23 949€. So this has to be somewhere inbetween those, i will assume 699€ or 749€. I know that you can buy an S23 already for 630€ but that is the point. All Galaxy devices tend to drop in price the second they launch so i expect this one will be 20% off in the first weeks of release and even more later on. The S21FE launched last year for 749€ and was sold for 399€ on for black friday so it is safe to say that this one could potentially go for 449€ and that is a price point an normal S23 will never ever reach.

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                    • 26 Sep 2023

                    Lovely Platypus, 26 Sep 2023It's worse then vanilla model, every year, AND more ex... moreAlso the naming scheme is so wrong, when this phone absolutely needs to carry all the key specs that attract real "fans" to S series and especially at least one of the highlights of the previous generations to deserve to be called Fan Edition (FE). Otherwise, this series always and will be only Lite for me, nothing else.

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                      • Aladeen
                      • g5@
                      • 26 Sep 2023

                      In Germany you can buy S23 for 680 eur. No reason to buy S23 FE for 699.

                        anon, 26 Sep 2023Does this have dex mode? asking for my mom since she's... moreyep it will

                          It's worse then vanilla model, every year, AND more expensive. What is the point of this line?

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                            • 26 Sep 2023

                            Does this have dex mode? asking for my mom since she's looking for an all in one device for work and doesn't want to carry a macbook anymore. her work is mostly done thru web apps and thru google services.

                              Anonymous, 26 Sep 2023You know what? It’s really not a bad phone.It really is for such price point.

                                Sounds like it was really made to replace the regular S22 in the current lineup, as I see the inventory of the S22 is drying out. The problem with this FE is the fact that it is bulkier and heavier with thicker bezels than ever before.

                                Seriously people, grab the S22 proper or S22+ (which is not a lot more) while you can, or just save the money and get the S21FE instead. Stop giving Samsung the excuse to churn out lazy ODM designs.

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                                  • 26 Sep 2023

                                  You know what? It’s really not a bad phone.

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                                    • 26 Sep 2023

                                    I got s20FE and s21FE, both facing same problem, the sealed back part of the phone will tear off sooner or later, because itis a plastic back and the glue cannot stand longer than 2 years.

                                      I got my S23 for 610€, S23 FE is absolutely not worth such money.

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                                        • 26 Sep 2023

                                        I don't get the FE models anymore.
                                        It's pointless.
                                        Just reduce the price of the regular S23 smh
                                        They talk about saving the environment - well stop making redundant devices....