74.4% of smartphones sold in Q1 run Android, gap to iOS widens

14 May, 2013
According to analyst company Gartner, Samsung is accountable for 30% of all smartphones sold.

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  • Hoseyn

SymbianFans, 14 May 2013I have Belle and Android OS phone. Belle with Feature Pack 1 and... moreI agreed with u my friend, symbian is perfect os, all of people thinking symbian belle like symbian s60v5 like 5800! When they use symbian belle, 100% agreed with us.

  • Killer Droid

AnonD-80334, 15 May 20131. Microsoft is history? what os are you using on computer? andr... moreMicrosoft is the cause of stagnation in pc because of there market domination.

  • Upgrade

AnonD-134497, 14 May 2013Totally agree with you Carol. No trolling but "more choices... moreApple only have one phone you either pay to have the one device or buy an older pre- owned device

Other OEM has the flagship phone and the "lesser phones", maybe my mum does not want to have the S IV, she can get a phone with the features she likes costing less

There are more than one bar of chocolate in Samsung pantry, or more than one galaxy in the universe.

So I am NOT OPPOSED TO CHOICE, as when you see whole family kitted out with an iphones, this is not choice, this is PROFIT,

If you think of all the android phones by all theOEM go towards the 74% and essentially just 3 phones from Apple account for 25% (4 X 18%) of all Android

What this does not show is movement. I have seen so many adverts on-line I have a IP5 will swap for a BB Z10 or S IV, I am surprised at the volume of ads and its just one way traffic.

I like to buy the best premium phone when it come to my upgrade, I don't understand why someone say with a SGS III will want a S IV now. in 2014 whatever ophoe I get will be better a 2 yaers have passed

  • i become Lg fan

Anonymous, 15 May 2013Why dont you read the source below the article wow im very impressed with new LG phones...
i love my First new optimus G.

CONGRATS LG...............
FROM Philippines...........

  • AnonD-134497

Why people like Android more than iOS and WP?

Ans: Because Android is open source. You can customize all you want. Of course people like their devices to be seen like how they want and Android so far succeed to give them their needs. Everything which has pros possess cons also. These too much open source devices bring with them a lot of problems after getting a lot of customizable stuff in it.

Open source means you are able to do what ever you want. Therefore, people do what ever they want with their Android including installation of those apps which are not even certified and are available on internet. What happened after it? Due to these apps, the Android version becomes unstable. Many times, these are virus like Malwares/Trojans so here you go, a new problem has borne. How am I saying this? I have seen over 40000 members on Android forums complaining about just installed this and that happened, what should I do? - you shouldn't do that - check this link - Install this firmware - I don't understand what to do - check this link - flashing - bloatware - what to do? - Hi, I have a problem - check this link - go here, go there.

These all I have seen so far in EVERY Android forums. Too much open source creates instability which is the common problem with Android. You mess with the genuine software, you'll get problems and this is what happening since day one. Don't know why Google allowed this.

On the other hand, MS and iOS are much stable due to being closed source. So, you are restricted at certain times to do things. This brings stability and long lasting joy of the genuine software. This is why iOS and WP kept their devices closed source so that people won't have to face problems with their devices and factory resets etc.

Like Android so far but these kind of problems made me lost the track but hey! this is just my opinion. I believe many people possess the same school of thoughts.

There is indeed no trolling but facts, if you want to troll. Punch on your face first.

  • AnonD-80334

AnonD-59657, 14 May 2013Windows 8 is dead and Microsoft is history. Nokia is still st... more1. Microsoft is history? what os are you using on computer? android? it can be linux it can be iOS it can in most cases be Windows but havent heard anyone using android. Ohh... it's not there at all, so how microsoft becomes history when still they own PC market hands down?

2. Last thing I would see to happen is nokia following android bandwagon, they don't need to. that's beauty of variety. The day one gets fed up with android(which i am sure is going to happen to me soon), he might have option of WP, iOS etc. etc. the more the competition better is the product. Competition is required for the benefit of end user as this competition will make every platform work harder and produce more good stuff. Domination causes stagnation which is least required for us. Nokia should adopt MeeGo as their second option as N9 was wonderful device. Jolla is now keeping MeeGo alive, would like to see it again integrate back into nokia.

  • Indian

Some recommendations for microsoft and nokia 1- Make windows platform open source and if its not possible then 2 - Better go for android and dont waste time on windows (as nokia has already wasted 2 years on windows with no gain):P

  • Gam

HoldEm, 14 May 2013I have not seen a single person uses Nokia Pure View.it was a gimmik. nokia cams hav always been worse than sony and samsung.

  • Teziken

AnonD-105795, 14 May 2013Apple did not invent anything at all. All they do is buy everyth... morenokia also hasnt invented anything. they are the biggest copy cats.

  • Andrew

Windows is still behind RIM? Seriously? And most people were saying RIM was having a hard time. Microsoft threw a lot of money into publicity and look what they've got. I just can imagine their faces... Hahahaha!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2013Android is a buggy mess. WP8 and iOS are much much more reliable.Wp8 is crippled and the worst os. nokia fanboys are blowing it out of proportion.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Android is a buggy mess. WP8 and iOS are much much more reliable.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2013 its worldwide meaning included asia & pacific............ ... moreWhy dont you read the source below the article

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2013The source below says the report is based on worldwide. sales EX... more its worldwide meaning included asia & pacific............

also try to visit idc smartphones qreport you will see lg is the manufacturer of the year grown over 100% from previous year......

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2013The source below says the report is based on worldwide. sales EX... more read it its worldwide....................WORLDWIDE..........­.................. LG @TOP-3

  • AnonD-1825

AnonD-105795, 14 May 2013Android rules because of freedom. Ppl are getting tired of locke... moreSame things have said years, end of day for most of people it doesnt matter at all if the OS is locked or not.

  • Anonymous

The source below says the report is based on worldwide. sales EXCEPT ASIA/PACIFIC ". That is why you see LG on top 4. But according to other sources which includes asia pacific, LG is part of the poor performer.

  • AnonD-105795

Tom-Helge, 14 May 2013Apple is innovating things? Haha, what kind of bubble / dream... moreApple did not invent anything at all. All they do is buy everything and put it together. The only thing they made is the recycled aluminium case.

  • AnonD-105795

Android rules because of freedom. Ppl are getting tired of locked down ios and being told what to do with your own paid phone.

AnonD-145568, 14 May 2013Apple is really innovating. Cool designs, great features. What m... moreApple is innovating things?

Haha, what kind of bubble / dream world are you living in?

I would get out of that bubble / dream world fast if i was you, because Apple have never invented anything after Steve Wozniak left Apple.

You could always see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFeC25BM9E0

Just to take a very good example. When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, they claimed they had invented multi-touch. That's a pure lie. They stole the technology and tweaked it a little the Apples way and then later claimed it was their invention + they claimed they had patented it witch is pretty funny.

And by how you post, you seems to be very angry because you bought another phone and then realized that the Galaxy S4 was a much better phone than your crappy phone.

If that's not the case, then you don't know anything about the Galaxy S4 at all.