iQOO 12 will have Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and 144fps games, November 7 launch confirmed

25 October 2023
The phone will be aimed at heavy gamers, with support for hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

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Anonymous, 02 Nov 2023Are you asking me that shitty question? Do I look like Qual... moreApple Pay's Developers. Especially when it comes to gaming. It's not a Shitty Question. Its a fact that android is facing! How is it easy to pirate apps on android?

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    • 02 Nov 2023

    Foxtrot2Novmbr, 30 Oct 2023And how can you even play 240FPS on mobile if the smartphon... moreAre you asking me that shitty question? Do I look like Qualcomm to you? Also Samsung can and will pay developers for exclusive games, And gaming phones manufacturer would e.g Asus, they already have a portable gaming tablet so what do you mean Apple only???

      Anonymous, 30 Oct 2023Didn't you watch the snapdragon launch. It plays those... moreAnd how can you even play 240FPS on mobile if the smartphone manufacturer limits the refresh rate to 120hz? And 144hz for gaming phones?

      Smartphone manufacturers other than apple won't even pay developers to make games exclusively on their smartphones or processor brands.

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        • 30 Oct 2023

        Foxtrot2Novmbr, 25 Oct 2023So its just online games? Which is also available on ios? P... moreDidn't you watch the snapdragon launch. It plays those games at 240fps! It's left for smartphone manufacturers to pay developers to bring it to their mobiles.

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          • 26 Oct 2023

          its great that you could play high refresh rate games on these new SoCs, but if the developer does not update the game for that SoC then ita useless. Like COD mobile some phones are capable of playing it on high refresh but could not because its not supported yet, also genshin impact on ios has better controller support than on android.

            Tigolebitties, 25 Oct 2023Oh pleaseee do you really think they're that generous?... moreI didn't say they are doing it for free. I said that even if they aren't paid, they should, logically speaking, focus on optimizing for iphones which have the largers userbase and therefore the most people who may buy things in game. I think they should have a consistent experience on all platforms, but I understand why they can't/they choose to focus on a single platform

              IpsDisplay, 25 Oct 2023Really? People have been immersed with 2.9 inch Gameboy ... moreEscapism and immersion are two different things. I can surely drown into cRPG from 1990 with almost no graphics. But nowadays graphics heavy games with weak stories is entirely different thing.

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                • 25 Oct 2023

                404, 25 Oct 2023Native controller support is not even a hard thing to imple... moreHow are you so sure about native controller support being so easy? Are you sure they’re only utilizing Bluetooth without taking factors for other things?

                I didn’t say ios has more players than android. I said ios has a playerbase that pays more, which seems to be enough for Genshinlabs (who calculates how good/bad banners perform) by taking the ios revenue in China as a base.

                MagicApp reports show that China has generated 41% of the total revenue in 2023, followed by 23% in Japan, 10% in US and 7% in South Korea. Apple has the biggest market share in all those countries besides South Korea.

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                  • 25 Oct 2023

                  GamingBrudda, 25 Oct 2023Some people are speculating about apple paying/sponsoring m... moreNative controller support is not even a hard thing to implemented. Those controllers are just relying in Bluetooth rather than the OS version. Also, which sites that mention that there are more Genshin player on iOS than on Android?

                    So its just online games? Which is also available on ios? Pathetic!

                    How about including some exclusive games on snapdragon?

                    Apple's iphone with A17 Pro chipset and Ipad Pro with M1 Chip and above will get some exclusive games. Games like Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil Remake, Assassins creed Mirage, Death Stranding directors cut, and The Division: Resurgence will be available on ios. And there's a possibility that hideo kojima may include some of his games on ios since he's a die hard apple fan. And if Assassins creed Mirage sales will be successful on ios. There's a possibility that all previous AC games will be ported on ios.

                    When will Qualcomm be serious with their gaming processors? Last time was the OilRush. But that was 11 years ago. Where's the Crysis 1 to 3, Red Dead Redemption, Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War 2018, Sekiro Shadow dies twice, the last of us 1 and 2, the evil within 1 and 2, batman arkham city, Dishonored 1 and 2, Wolfenstein series, and Final Fantasy games. Running on android os NATIVELY without any emulators?

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                      • 25 Oct 2023

                      As for the frame interpolation, it will be a total game changer only and only if they manage to make it look good.

                      Huawei’s frame interpolation for example has noticeable side effects on genshin as it’s using 30fps as a baseline and add frames to make it look 60 but it has a strange effects around moving stuff like it’s a bad motion blur. Some parts still seem to run at 30fps despite turning on frame generation, making it look quite goofy. I’m not sure how noticeable these will be at 144fps. I presume they’ll be taking 60fps as the baseline instead of Huawei’s 30. Adding frames can still cause a chip to throttle but I don’t think it’ll be an issue for the gaming phones with their beefier cooling.

                      Guess one can use motion blur to mask those side effects (if there’ll be any) but can’t say for certain

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                        • 25 Oct 2023

                        Some people are speculating about apple paying/sponsoring mihoyo so they get exclusive 120fps option in genshin. I doubt this is the case until there’s solid proof roaming around.

                        I feel like they put 120fps on certain ios devices as a testing stage. We already know that high fps actually does affect gameplay and makes things like attacks a bit faster like those older games. This could cause some exploits to happen so I can see why they’re taking their time to implement high fps to android and pc as it’s harder to snoop into game files on ios for potential exploits to utilize with 120fps. Genshin also happens to be a cpu intensive game, which benefits apple with their faster cpus and is the reason why 8 gen 2 hasn’t wiped the floor on this just yet.

                        Ios also has the most paying playerbase so much that people considered ios as the baseline to calculate banner revenues. There’s also less fragmentation on ios, which makes it a lot easier to implement things like native controller support.

                          SpiritWolf, 25 Oct 2023'Immersion' on a 6-7 inch display. Somehow I doubt. Me playing Super Mario Land on my Game Boy with a 2.6" screen:

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                            • 25 Oct 2023

                            Games that refuse to go above 60fps, IQOO says "Fine I'll do it myself"

                              if it runs funtouch os, then it at least needs 48gb ram. (if supported)

                                Digdigfig, 25 Oct 2023They optimise most for the brand that sells most devices ak... moreOh pleaseee do you really think they're that generous? If that's the case, why won't they make it available on Windows, which is more capable and possible to run 120fps compared to mobile devices?

                                MHY already has a close relationship with them. I wouldn't be surprised if this 120fps thing is just a deal in exchange of them getting plenty of awards and free advertisements from Apple.

                                  SpiritWolf, 25 Oct 2023'Immersion' on a 6-7 inch display. Somehow I doubt. Really?

                                  People have been immersed with 2.9 inch Gameboy colour screens

                                  Don't understand why Mobile phones get the disrespect when portable gaming history says otherwise

                                  Its really more about escapism and not hardware size

                                  Oh well I guess tik tok doom scrolling is the in thing

                                    "The phone will break through the native frame rate cap that the game developers set"


                                      Well cameras will be important here and charging speed support.

                                        Even though iQOO is about mobile gaming, this could give us some idea of what the X100 series will be like, even though I won't doubt if this SoC will only be on the Pro+ variant, just like the X90 Pro+.