PC manufacturers rush to adopt the new Snapdragon X Elite chip, here's the list

26 October 2023
Davinci Resolve for ARM-baed Windows PCs is also in the pipeline.

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These brands are really struggling to be the first, lol.

Keep rushing. You'll be like the Motorola Edge X30 which had quite average specs in order to rush to be the first with 8 gen 1.

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    • AnonD-1003792
    • 3ZK
    • 26 Oct 2023

    Really excited for ARM chipsets to become an actual viable alternative to traditional CPUs. Software/game compatibility has a long way to go, but it would be so cool to see many laptops with unrivaled battery life and no need for an internal fan.

      • M
      • Mills
      • xFM
      • 26 Oct 2023

      If tablets can use this chip, then I may consider. But I need to wait for reviews first.

        I want a Tablet 2 in 1 with X elite, under $800. If apple can put a M2 in a iPad surely others can put this chip in tablets!

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          • Anonymous
          • U@6
          • 26 Oct 2023

          I don't game, this is absolutely perfect for me, with 5G and long battery.

            this is nice for my next laptop.. if the price starts above $600 I will choose Intel or AMD. I have a feeling this will be $1000.

              Anonymous, 26 Oct 2023Will this chip challenge Intel/AMD or are their chips still... moreThey may beat them in terms of efficiency, but I doubt it will be anywhere close to the performance of the top chips

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                • Anonymous
                • pKL
                • 26 Oct 2023

                Will this chip challenge Intel/AMD or are their chips still top tier?