Realme Note 50 set to launch on January 23, detailed specs emerge

18 January 2024
Realme will announce its first Note-series device in the Philippines next Tuesday.

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  • t7C
  • 20 Jan 2024

So it is rival for smart 8 of infinix and spark go 2024 of tecno

    CompactPhones5ever, 18 Jan 20245k mAh battery in a slim body and 90 Hz display for 65 USD?... moreWell I'd agree if it's the C51, but not Note 50...

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      • x{6
      • 19 Jan 2024

      That's quite awful in the specs of the Note 50. So we expect same experience to realme C51 or C53.

      But a small complaint is that the Note 50 could possibly use eMMC flash storage (same case the C51 and C53 before) for the Unisoc processor, that was a bit downgrade from realme C35 and C33 only has UFS flash storage.

      Since it is a Unisoc processor with a platform number ums9230 (Tiger T606, T612, T616), they could be possible to use UFS, used by Infinix. So i think, that Note 50 is not to recommend.

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        • k@B
        • 19 Jan 2024

        realme note 50 = Samsung iphone fusion ha!!!

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          • SqW
          • 18 Jan 2024

          Realme looks good on paper.
          Bad thing about realme is you cannot unlock the bootloader so phone cannot be rooted.
          For power users such as myself this phone is useless.
          Thank you Realme for wasting my precious time!

            Dizz, 18 Jan 2024Teaser "Note Series" like premium midranger, but ... moreWhere did they "tease" it as premium mid-ranger? They were clearly targeting Infinix, as such it will be a low end device.

              I had a C51 never again Realme, was using video recorder on it the piece of crap kept losing focus every other few seconds complete junk as it ruined my videos,

                SMYasir, 18 Jan 2024i thought the same this, this phone is dogsh*tThis phone is targeted at a certain demographic. 4gb ram, 64gb storage, 10w charging. Unisoc T612.

                  Mills, 18 Jan 2024Rebrands like these are stupid.I think the former India CEO of Realme mentioned those rebrands.

                    10w charging I'm sold lol, just kidding.

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                      • Lonteku
                      • xjH
                      • 18 Jan 2024

                      So realme finally know that their C series stand of "Cr*p" so their rebrand their c series to "note"?

                        I'm surprised that the phone will launch first in my country the Philippines, thought it'll launch in India like other Realme phones do

                          Dizz, 18 Jan 2024Teaser "Note Series" like premium midranger, but ... morei thought the same this, this phone is dogsh*t

                            wtf is this, aren't note phones supposed to be mid rangers with good specs ?!

                              PureOS, 18 Jan 2024U can get unisoc T820 which have about 500k antutu score an... morePeople don't get it

                              Some people can't fathom how low some people's income are

                                Rebrands like these are stupid.

                                  5k mAh battery in a slim body and 90 Hz display for 65 USD? Fantastic value imo.

                                    Copy iphone again, and realme like Infinix always baby iphone

                                      When Realme and others race to make the cheapest phones that actually people buying them... while Sony, Asus, HTC etc race to release super expensive phones.

                                      Try to think about what you can get in 2013? I bought a cheap Galaxy Star with no 3G support, let alone 4G. The phone only has a single core which is very laggy after using it for several months. This one will be enough for browsing and light games.

                                        Pumpino, 18 Jan 2024A Unisoc chip and 10W charging? I wouldn't use it if s... moreU can get unisoc T820 which have about 500k antutu score and is the best soc with cortex a76. I even charge my tablet of 8000 mah with 10w charger. This is best device for such a money, designed for low income people.