Realme Note 50 set to launch on January 23, detailed specs emerge

18 January 2024
Realme will announce its first Note-series device in the Philippines next Tuesday.

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I wonder if they simply paid Transsion to be the ODM for this... LOL.

    @ $65 this is the best smartphone you can get

    I don't care what anyone says this is excellent value for money

    And for people that says just spend 50$ for for this

    You guys have no clue what the entry level smartphone market is like $ 5 dollars will make or break a purchase

      Pumpino, 18 Jan 2024A Unisoc chip and 10W charging? I wouldn't use it if s... moreBro chill out

      This is the best entry level smartphone.. no other phone specs compete

      I get it your no the target audience but this hing is an amazing entry level deal

        This is getting even more confusing than Sony's lineup.

        Realme Note 1 and realme Note 50?

          A Unisoc chip and 10W charging? I wouldn't use it if someone paid me $65, let alone me parting money for it.

          As others have suggested, why would you create a new lineup for such a crappy phone that's a rebadge of another model?

            Realme with every upcoming phone with same design

              DarlingYext, 18 Jan 2024What's first in the world, and what's so "No... moreThe NOTE moniker no longer means anything Noteworthy.

                What's first in the world, and what's so "Note" about this phone? This is quite possibly the most dissapointing thing their Note series could've ended up being.

                Android 13 🤣

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                  • Clustifle
                  • tsA
                  • 18 Jan 2024

                  Basically this is a rebranded Realme C51

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                    • Dizz
                    • KRW
                    • 18 Jan 2024

                    Teaser "Note Series" like premium midranger, but in the end useless iteration of existing smartphone. Useless & pointless to create new lineup if this is the result.

                      Only 65$ 😏