Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra teardown shows new extensive vapor chamber

24 January 2024
The latest top-tier Samsung flagship earned a 9/10 repairability score from PBKreviews, just like its predecessor.

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  • 24 Jan 2024

I don't understand comments claiming favoritism.
OnePlus 12's massive vapour chamber was covered in yesterday's article, even if people just read the title:
OnePlus 12 video teardown shows massive cooling system inside:

    The vapor chamber is not even up to standard with the competition....

    Ohh but I forgot it's Samsung...

    So we have to get the unprofessional favouritism...

      Congrats GSMarena!
      You just stated the obvious.

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        • 24 Jan 2024

        In yesterday's demonstration of the Oneplus they didn't even mention the excellent vapor chamber it has to dissipate heat! Ah but Samsung does get his boots licked well... what happened? Oneplus didn't send a check like Samsung???

          Anja and?' do you live in the future? Not yet sold to the public.

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            • 24 Jan 2024


            8g4 uses 1,5W more than 8g3