Google Pixel 9 leaks in renders showing three rear cameras, flat sides

24 January 2024
First we saw the Pixel 9 Pro, now it's time for the smaller, cheaper option to shine.

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  • ejiot
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  • 24 Jan 2024

Looking at my 8 pro, the cameras are just the 8 pro cameras stuck on top of a different camera bump, the temperature sensor is there which i doubt google would add for no reason as it's extra hardware, the antenna lines all match with the 8 pro. This just looks like a fan render

    Lmao Google Design team just inputted "iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue, But it's a Google phone" on midjourney and that's what they got

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      • AnonF-1006353
      • JBi
      • 24 Jan 2024

      Eric20, 24 Jan 2024I hate the rounded corners of the display. 🤮 Samsung also d... moreThey might as well just make the whole device a circle at this point 🤢 looks like an iToy egg

        DarlingYext, 24 Jan 2024This looks really good, specs sound really good too, should... more"Looks really good"

        Debatable, keeping in mind it literally looks like an iPhone. Not saying that the iPhones look bad, but copying the iPhone does

          I hate the rounded corners of the display. 🤮 Samsung also does this on A-series.

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            • gXJ
            • 24 Jan 2024

            I'd be surprised if they gave the vanilla and the Pro identical cameras, it could be the popular 3x 64MP OV64B sensor, but that's just pure speculation.

              I don't believe these renders for a second. I don't want to believe them.

                This looks really good, specs sound really good too, should be a huge upgrade, if true!

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                  • Mills
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                  • 24 Jan 2024

                  Not gonna kid you, it looks kinda weird. I got used to the Pixel 6/7/8 design. Still looks the same with no drastic changes but still

                    I hope it's not a marketing strategy to leak renders of a phone that won't come for months, this make the curent flagship feels outdated already, this trend started in 2020, even for CPUs, they are already talking about exynos 2500 and 8 gen 4, that feeling of having the latest and greatest lost it's taste all together

                      Fake leaks

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                        • GG048
                        • g8%
                        • 24 Jan 2024

                        Google iXel 9

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                          • 8Np
                          • 24 Jan 2024

                          Exactly what google should have done before.
                          Could have at least given to pixel 6/7/8 so ething like 85 or 90mm, while beyond 115mm to Pro. Even if sensor is smaller.

                          Aple and sony should do same.

                            Ugly and boring! Not to mention the incredible resemblance to the iPhone! Horrible Google

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                              • Lhw
                              • 24 Jan 2024

                              ok google iphone now many phones have the same shape as iphones and dont get me wrong it looks alright but its not distinctive anymore

                                It's going to be titanium for sure, at least on Pro.