Weekly poll results: Galaxy S24 Ultra is great but pricey, S24+ attracts owners of older S+ phones

28 January 2024
And the vanilla S24 gets the cold shoulder. 

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  • 28 Jan 2024

NOK6600, 28 Jan 2024the survey result clearly tell the s series as usual are ... moreThat is why they slowly butcher the A lineup. First was A7X and then the A52S 5G was the last A5X to have a headphone jack. Now A3X had it removed as well.

Soon all A series will have the sd card removed too, just like their "flagship" lineups. 😂

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    • 28 Jan 2024

    "Older S" phones is a very vague category. You could have people with an S7 up through S23. Obviously, the S7 owner has a major need to upgrade whereas the S23 owner would almost be foolish with their money to buy something that's 11 months newer.

      the survey result clearly tell the s series as usual are suffer from low sales compared to other galaxy phone like A and M series.

      By end of year as usual S series still cant break 30 mill barrier since galaxy s9 era.
      Android flagship has tight competition and small tiny market.

      Its a waste of resources and time Samsung put too much effort on this low sales model.
      They shipped 226 millions smartphones last year but 84 % was dominates by their low end model.galaxy Aand M.