Apple opens up iOS to alternative app stores in the EU

25 January 2024
NFC is also usable by alternative wallet apps, and WebKit is no longer required for browsers.

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dtk, 26 Jan 2024These things should be available everywhere. Or rather they... moreUnless, you are Adam or Eve, you don’t have to go into the walled garden. Nobody is being forced to buy Apple products.

Do what you like. Others will do the same.

    Rejoice EU citizens! You got openness as you wished for! You will have to pay more and will get unlimited notifications about security and privacy, but you got it!

    But I’m sure it won’t affect too many people since Apple has such a small market share there… right?

      • d
      • dtk
      • 8XP
      • 26 Jan 2024

      These things should be available everywhere. Or rather they should have been like this all the time.
      Walled gardens are an offence.

        Apple turning EU regulations in a new monetary opportunuty is a very apple move lol.

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          • Anonymous
          • vkS
          • 26 Jan 2024

          common european union W