Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra emerges in major leak

05 February 2024
Renders and full specs of the upcoming Zenfone flagship were discovered inside the ROG Phone 8 firmware.

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  • 05 Feb 2024

Screen is so big, calling it an ultra

    I'm not gonna say this phone will be DOA, but will need a bit of oomph to convince power users. Like - ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, 4+5 years of software updates and lighter body to name a few. Better cameras won't hurt either, but I think ROG phone 8 pro itself has a very decent camera setup.

    This phone's potential buyers would be users who want a good phone with clean UI but not from google, samsung or other chinese brands. Good battery life and performance - without gamer features like AirTriggers, LED matrix or a second USB port - looks to be its main selling point.

    But seriously, without the oopmh, I don't think people will buy this over the 1+12.

      Yawn 🥱

      Flagships are gonna have to do better than o be called ULTRA

      Cause the spec sheets are not significantly better these days just the same generic stuff

      I dunno maybe offer 7000mah in 7.5 mm body at 170 grams

      Exception id say is the find x7 ultra with it's literally one of a kind double periscope

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        • 05 Feb 2024

        VS, 05 Feb 2024Can someone make a proper midranger one day? With screen si... moreYou and me are the minority, most people want large phones.

        People like you and me don't exist for manufacturers.

          Hoped it would be Zenfone 3 ultra sized, this is too small.

            VS, 05 Feb 2024Can someone make a proper midranger one day? With screen si... moreXperia 5V

              Marvy, 05 Feb 2024Read the article again please before typing these comments.Yeah, I read it. And I don't see the sense on having a big phone in a series know for their compact offerings, much less a phone that literally seems to be a rebranded ROG Phone 8. Just keep it, both the 11 and Ultra, compact. Or at least don't make the Ultra a literally rebranded ROG phone 8

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                • 05 Feb 2024

                Now we only need a TUF phone that is another slightly changed ROG phone 8 to make the confusion complete like with their desktop equipment

                  So based on the ROG phone 8 pricing this will probably cost about €1,200 and will consequently be DOA.

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                    • 05 Feb 2024

                    David 040882, 05 Feb 2024So the Zenfone series is abandoning the compact form factor... moreRead the article again please before typing these comments.

                      iPhone mini max

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                        • 05 Feb 2024

                        Can someone make a proper midranger one day? With screen size around 6'0, sturdy grippy build, proper IP rating, decent battery and charging speed (are you here pixel 7a? The battery!), and smaller, not flagship grade but efficient chip (yes sony, i am poking at your too weak chip, no mention charging speed 🤦). Actually a zenfone 10, but with smaller but cost efficient chip, to be affordable? Hello, anyone?

                          So the Zenfone series is abandoning the compact form factor apparently...?

                            punmeisterone, 05 Feb 2024It's in the name, Zenfone 11 Ultra. So there should be... moreHe doesn't read articles, and it's becoming clear.

                              TheSquiddyNerd, 05 Feb 2024Most important question: Will it still have a headphone jack?Important for you!! almost no one uses that anymore

                                Sweet, it looks like we're getting 2 models this year. Regular Zenfone 11 and the Ultra for power users.

                                  Most important question: Will it still have a headphone jack?

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                                    • 05 Feb 2024

                                    Asus is an underrated brand for smartphone manufacturing, I think they don't sell that much because most people are unaware of the brand, other than being a Laptop and gaming laptop brand for example.

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                                      • 05 Feb 2024

                                      Asus should do it the Apple way. Zenfone 11 and 11 Pro, smaller phones with different set of features. Leave the big screen for the ROG brand.

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                                        • 05 Feb 2024

                                        As expected, the Ultra version has a bigger screen. But the specs don't match the name. As I mentioned before, I have a feeling that the Zenfone 11 series will come around March/April.