Samsung to fix Vivid mode with a toggle in next Galaxy S24 update

08 February 2024
The new phones are not as vivid as people expected, and Samsung found a solution.

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  • 18 Feb 2024

nrebeca, 09 Feb 2024another issue is the low audio during callsThis happens when you click to volume-down button too many times.

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    • 14 Feb 2024

    Leoside, 09 Feb 2024Go to display and enable comfort shield adaptive, it's... moreMy main problem for now is the grain issue, and from what I saw on reddit, it's a hardware issue, and I don't think samsung would be able to fix it ever with software updates. It really has negative effect on eyes and you could feel it as your eyes would dry out fast and you feel the pain and that your eyes are tired after a few minutes of using the device in low light. They should have recalled all devices with this issue, but they are denying it's an issue at all!

      I agree - its so obvious a Samsung flawed hardware screen quality have to be fixed by software patch coming on the next OS patch update of 6.1. I tell you all , stay away from Samsung - they have failed \ fallen off quality display.

        oversaturation mode

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          • 09 Feb 2024

          nrebeca, 09 Feb 2024another issue is the low audio during calls100% This needs more attention because the speakers are super low and muffled in comparison to the S23 Ultra

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            • 09 Feb 2024

            If you don't like vivid mode then just use Natural mode but do not criticise people who like it! You have the option to use the phone in more natuıral colours.

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              • 09 Feb 2024

              another issue is the low audio during calls

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                • 09 Feb 2024

                sors, 08 Feb 2024Yes, the screen is great in natural mode compared to my s22... moreGo to display and enable comfort shield adaptive, it's the only to fix the banding at the moment. For the camera if you are using 24/24+ switch intelligent optimization to medium it will greatly improve telephoto quality. And in the gallery disable Super HDR as it currently increases banding in photo display. A user on X called Leoside posted these trick, they seem to work.

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                  • 08 Feb 2024

                  "third option will allegedly go even beyond that"
                  Samsung really turned the vividness to 11, just to troll the users who asked for the old vivid mode. Seriously I can't think of any other reason why one would want extra vivid mode.

                    [deleted post]What do you mean by public version is out?

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                      • 08 Feb 2024

                      Yielar, 08 Feb 2024Having used every Note since the Note 2 and most recently t... moreYes, the screen is great in natural mode compared to my s22u and other Samsung phones I had. It has a very deep black color because of the new anti-glare glass. The screen is visibly brighter, too, but good things end here! There is a visible graining and banding on the screen that I have never experienced before on any samsung devices and other devices and seems like it's a hardware issue related to the more brightness we got on s24u. I saw that the iPhone 15 pro max has the same issue but is much less visible than s24u, so very a few people noticed it. With that amazing anti-glare screen, I don't think we ever needed this bright screen with issues. I prefer less brightness and no grinding and banding issues.

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                        • 08 Feb 2024

                        Anonymous, 08 Feb 2024It's personal preference but I'm shocked how so m... moreDont be surprised

                        Commoners will "wow" at any marketing scheme thrown at them.

                        This is partly Samsung's fault either waym

                          Having used every Note since the Note 2 and most recently the S23 Ultra for the past 11 months and I'm quite impressed with the S24 Ultra screen and anti reflection technology. Makes me laugh that every Tech Blog has somehow tried to make the new Samsung flagship look more realistic than ever. You don't have to look too hard to find these same Tech Bloggers complaining about the "over saturation" of previous Samsung phones. Lol

                            Yeah, ofc vivid mode issues are not turning away customers, we've only found out about the bug/feature AFTER purchasing our devices!

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                              • 08 Feb 2024

                              NeonHD, 08 Feb 2024Isn't that a good thing though? I mean, I certainly wo... moreSRGB isn't natural. It's just a restricted colour palette.
                              When a screen can display more colours in more nuances than standard SRGB, only a fool would choose to restrict it, just because they're used to "natural" colours from their old CRT monitors.

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                                • 08 Feb 2024

                                Anonymous, 08 Feb 2024This isn't the Galaxy S20 camaera but let's not t... moreLol, everyone knows the comment sections here are controlled by either the Apple or the Huawei/Xiaomi/BBK fanboys.

                                  I would be very careful with the blue toggle

                                  You wouldn't want to damage your smartphone's screen ahead of it's time

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                                    • 08 Feb 2024

                                    Anonymous, 08 Feb 2024It's personal preference but I'm shocked how so m... moreThey started with it, though. The iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8 camera test on Engadget had users going wow over the iPhone 4 saturated colors.
                                    When did the tables turn? 😁

                                      Anonymous, 08 Feb 2024Wow software patch can now fix a hardware flaw? 🤣Who says its a hardware fail, ypu but else 🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                        I rly dont care im satisfied with my settings but again right have to be right 👌🏻