OpenAI announces Sora, its text to video-generative AI model

16 February 2024
An AI diffusion model that can create realistic and imaginative videos from text prompts.

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  • Adam
  • sEI
  • 21 Feb 2024

I am looking forward to be able to generate videos about dinosaurs, other galaxies and deep mysterious oceans and see how the ai generates the video

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    • utC
    • 19 Feb 2024

    LeifG, 17 Feb 2024Just a few months ago this wasn't even possible. This ... moreActually sora was in the works for a year. They just didn't publish it as it requires a ton of processing power for even a 30 second video

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      • tech lover
      • dZ8
      • 18 Feb 2024

      NeonHD, 17 Feb 2024Scary for sure. It probably will be used for evil and for h... morei'm optimistic. just like how social platforms gives equal opportunity for individuals to express themselves without approval of TV Cable old Stations to the masses, we can have millions of High quality movies or short films based on novel ideas from anyone anywhere in a 10 years in video platforms which is bad news for Waltdisney,warnerbrothers,universal,etc as it pushes them to bring quality unique contents but also change or bankrupt old ways of movie productions & releases at the same time. AI is reshaping societies & we need to redefine our ideas & concepts about everything from money or jobs or relationship to how to society should live on & progress made by empowerment of majority of masses from elderlies to kids. there would always be misuse but overall, collective intellectual will overcome the hurdles hopefully.

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        • S3c
        • 17 Feb 2024

        LeifG, 17 Feb 2024Just a few months ago this wasn't even possible. This ... moreActually, Chinese researchers published papers and technology like this maybe a year ago. It was not as good looking and refined as OpenAI's model, but they were the first to do it.

        Most likely OpenAI has based their model and work on the Chinese research.

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          • LeifG
          • Y6e
          • 17 Feb 2024

          Just a few months ago this wasn't even possible. This tech is getting really good, really fast. I'm both excited and scared for what's to come. Older people need to be warned about this as there's gonna be a whole new wave of online scamming coming.

            adomolis, 16 Feb 2024Scary stuff, to be honest. Just thinking what it'll be... moreScary for sure. It probably will be used for evil and for hurting people.

            But I often prefer to live in my own tiny solipsistic world, so if it doesn't affect me personally then I'm okay.

              I saw someone generate a minecraft gameplay from this. I was surprised how accurate it looked, even if the details were off.

              Kinda crazy to see this already being a thing (I had been anticipating it, but not this soon). Give it a year or two and this model will surely generate realistic scenes flawlessly.

              And with regards to the endless opportunities for fake news, well, it doesn't affect me personally. I rarely even browse the news anyway (aside from tech).

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                • rA}
                • 17 Feb 2024

                Not even impressive

                  Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024Looking at those AI works lingering around, I have absolute... moreAlright keep coping

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                    • Mkm
                    • 17 Feb 2024

                    Looking at those AI works lingering around, I have absolute confidence that it won't replace human jobs in the photo/video editing sector. You know what AI lack? Emotion.

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                      • gIQ
                      • 16 Feb 2024

                      Sora the troll AI

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                        • JHf
                        • 16 Feb 2024

                        Anonymous, 16 Feb 2024Welcome to the now fully realised fake world!!! AI (actual... moreall we need now is a matrix.
                        but it won't be robots that suck our energy, it will be the rich people.
                        what could be better for them than a society that cares about problems they don't have and lives to work?

                          In 10 years there will be so many AI´s that finding a name for one will be very complicated.
                          Just like with satelites orbiting earth and hyperspace.

                            Pretty lousy. Not ready for primetime

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                              • Anonymous
                              • JHf
                              • 16 Feb 2024

                              i would make fast and furious 11 with this ai. any result would be better than what the real film makers do.

                                and horse has two legs

                                  notafanboy, 16 Feb 2024Moderated by whom though? How? By what criteria? It's ... morehmmm yeah idk who'd moderate it, maybe some federation? yeah hope is pretty low here

                                    HyperionBurn, 16 Feb 2024ai generated video needs to be pretty moderated and must ha... moreModerated by whom though? How? By what criteria? It's pandora's box, extremely dangerous. The world is fuxored, there's no hope

                                      Anonymous, 16 Feb 2024In the second video, at the 7 second mark you can see a hor... morecool note! love it!

                                        Again, every company who tried to cram ChatGPT into their existing software is being caught by surprise when another company, known for pushing the boundaries of AI, actually makes a standalone AI product that pushes the boundaries of AI. Now, all the other big companies are gonna copy and paste Sora into their own services just to prove they have "AI".