OpenAI announces Sora, its text to video-generative AI model

16 February 2024
An AI diffusion model that can create realistic and imaginative videos from text prompts.

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  • i{q
  • 16 Feb 2024

In the second video, at the 7 second mark you can see a horse just disappear into thin air! I know this is still the early days of AI, but that made me laugh quite a bit.

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    • Sian
    • smq
    • 16 Feb 2024

    Anonymous, 16 Feb 2024Welcome to the now fully realised fake world!!! AI (actual... moreAI is actually already in the process of being used in hospitals for parts of the medical imaging diagnostics (X-ray, CT-scans, MR-scans etc) to identify if there are concerns

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      • Q9y
      • 16 Feb 2024

      OfficialTRider, 16 Feb 202410 years, more like 3 years.3 years, more like 1

        adomolis, 16 Feb 2024Scary stuff, to be honest. Just thinking what it'll be... more10 years, more like 3 years.

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          • L68
          • 16 Feb 2024

          Welcome to the now fully realised fake world!!!
          AI (actually machine learning, because that's all it is) should actually make a useful contribution to society, for example to healthcare, education, research and development, etc. ....
          What remains for people (end customers as consumers) is the creation of a fake world with a fake life full of lies and fake news.
          Fake lives on social media platforms, fake images, fake texts, fake films, fake speeches, fake books, fake politicians,
          fake presidents, fake governments, fake education, fake intelligence, fake universities, fake students, fake doctoral theses...
          Now all we need is a fake biosphere and we will be extinct faster than we can say fake news.

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            • 16 Feb 2024

            openmoonray open is the way to go

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              • Sqx
              • 16 Feb 2024

              gpt4all is just great

                Artificial intelligence when Natural Stupidity comes in - 😮

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                  • Mills
                  • kB5
                  • 16 Feb 2024

                  sag-aftra watching this: i told you so!

                    ai generated video needs to be pretty moderated and must have some sort of pixel embedded watermark otherwise we're done for

                      OblivioN, 16 Feb 2024Here we go.. We already have generated perfect fake pict... moreBest tool for modern politics and media. People can be 200% controlled with the AI garbage. Easy fake videos to have a reason to attack another country 😂

                        Here we go..

                        We already have generated perfect fake pictures that we cannot tell its fake..
                        And we accept them as real.

                        But they gonna take it next Level..
                        And now we Gonna have fake Videos..

                        Who knows what they gonna do it with? Cinema? News reports? Fake Events? Fake law proofs?

                        Who's gonna really Control it?

                        This Needs To stop

                        We won't be able to tell Reality from IA fake footage.

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                          • adomolis
                          • AHg
                          • 16 Feb 2024

                          Scary stuff, to be honest. Just thinking what it'll be able to do just in 10 years time...

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                            • XUC
                            • 16 Feb 2024

                            Can EU put some limitations on AI next