Buyers of the 256GB OnePlus 12R are now entitled to a full refund

16 February 2024
If you picked up a 256GB OnePlus 12R thinking it had UFS 4.0 storage, you have until March 16 to return the device and get your money back.

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elmarcello, 17 Feb 2024Not want to deep dive into such legal matters, but isn'... moreYes, true, but it is what it claims to be:- a manufacturer's statement.
Its not a statement by a government official or a consumer attorney, its a statement by a "party" to a deal, while the other party (customer) isn't even allowed to set a condition.

Manufacturers can write anything they want, but its upto us customers to decide if we're gonna let it happen or protest.
Anyhow, they manned up and offered refunds, good enough for me.

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    • 22 Feb 2024

    Stevoc, 20 Feb 2024Think this is just more evidence of false advertising and t... moreI use a 8T and I already received the Android 14 update in India.

      Think this is just more evidence of false advertising and they got caught. Their promises of software support for 3 years is also a lie. Having the OP9 still waiting on Android 14 when Android 15 dev pack is out is a joke. They've already announced it being made available for OP8T before 9 even has it. It's all just talk and never deliver.

        Scon88, 18 Feb 2024The price for chipset and curved screen is what made this a... moreThis year OnePlus did an excellent job and you people still gonna complain all the time probably no matter what they gonna do

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          • 20 Feb 2024

          The phone is interesting, but in the end it's just another oversized phone.

            The price for chipset and curved screen is what made this a pass for me and lack of incentive to buy. To be fair the whole 12 series was seriously boring this season as was samsung. But atleast samsung did flat screens hence why i got a 24+. Idk i am not impressed either way. Faster charging samsung bigger batteries and flat screens oneplus. Give me a reason to want to upgrade for once.

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              • 17 Feb 2024

              potato4k, 17 Feb 2024The confusion made sense when you consider that this is One... moreLOL! 😂 That’s likely to be the case.

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                • 17 Feb 2024

                Not the first time! annoying Chinese praxis

                  The confusion made sense when you consider that this is OnePlus.
                  OnePlus, despite their premium pricing, uses 2nd tier components. They probably got NAND chips that failed for UFS4 speed but can still be qualified for UFS3.1 speed. But someone forgot the memo and typed up UFS4 instead. Anyway, at least they manned up and offer refunds.

                    Looks like Oneplus has to settle, lol.

                      I Just Read, 17 Feb 2024"Do you ever stop to read an article BEFORE posting or... more"To recap, OnePlus was advertising that the 16GB RAM and 256GB storage trim OP 12R was packing UFS 4.0 storage while it was actually using the slower UFS 3.1 type as later confirmed by OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu."

                      Your name is "I Just Read", so how did you miss this part while reading? They were advertising their phone, the OnePlus 12R with UFS 4.0, which it does NOT have, false advertising, end of story.

                      You are yet again the only person that disliked my opinion, and just recently you started to harass @justasmile the same way as me, you getting personal over phones is the issue here, not anyone else.

                      The common denominator aff oll these unnecessary personal harassments in the comment sections is YOU, none other than you, and maybe your other accounts, and that unregistered @Not Again of yours, so only you.

                        "Do you ever stop to read an article BEFORE posting or understand it.

                        I cannot believe you even had the gall to post this

                        "So why claim that it has UFS 4.0 in the first place? It's not like UFS 3.1 is slow, or even bad for the price, but false advertising is bad for any price, especially if, and when it's so easy to find out the truth."

                        Well another Darling Yext post ANOTHER correction needed 2023/ 2024...
                        Day in day out tsunami of misinformation,

                        THE TRUTH handle it I know you can
                        Apples vineyard the LAST three Rs ALL UFS3.1 12R / 11R /10R UFS 3.1

                        Flagship or the non R UFS 4.0
                        Do you know where you were 5:21 pm · 3 May 2022 ?
                        Neither do I but Samsung tweeted UFS 4.0

                        The confusion NON DELIBERATE! BBK Electronics as the Oneplus 12R IS UFS 3.1 is the essentially the EXACT SAME China only ACE 3 UFS 4.0

                        The Oneplus 12R ALREADY came with a 30 day return, and hey if you want money back

                        Here is a link to a Energizer P28K with 28,000 mAh battery coming at MWC in which deliberate misinformation was posted

                        As you can see I I provided the maths to counter the response this puerile
                        "..hijacked comments section.."

                        Hijacked? From who? You own the comment sections, or what? Delusion at it's best.

                        Further proof with each day how unqualified you are to comment on any article. Given you COULD (ability?) Google the answer To get it wrong time and time and time again and time again well...

                        No false advertising we can see UFS 4.0 is applicable

                          Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024That looks like a 200% difference to me. 1. It's twice as fast, there's no 200% difference. 100%? Might be. Come back after taking basic algebra courses.
                          2. Almost nothing on the phone is storage speed bound. Even UFS 2.0 is enough for most tasks unless you're a professional media creator and you need to transfer gigabytes worth of data fast or record 8K footage at 30fps - even that it's a breeze for UFS 3.1. That kind of footage maxes out at 200Mbps, far below 11Gbps UFS 3.1 provides.

                          Again, absolute no ones in the comments who only know "Mom, but it's slower" without understanding one bit about performance.

                          Performance is first of all your CPU (Soc), GPU and RAM. Everything else is normally tertiary.

                          The fact that your post was upvoted is a further insult to general intelligence but then understandably most people are dumb and struggle with basic math.

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                            • 17 Feb 2024

                            LoneOwl, 17 Feb 2024Correct me if i am wrong but Oneplus with 12R is probably t... moreNo. S23 128gb have 3.1 storage

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                              • 17 Feb 2024

                              Anonymous, 16 Feb 2024I'm incredibly shocked that they're doing the rig... moreNot really,
                              Person who dont know difference between 3.1 vs 4.0 will not going to return. But that didn't means they not paid for 4.0.
                              Better offer should be they should pay back amount difference between those two storage.

                              (I buy s23 256gb for 4.0 storage. But if I realized that it 3.1 storage, I feel that false advertising and it is Fraud. But I mostlikey not going to get refund if offer, as I already setup my phone. And don't want to do that again.)

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                                • 17 Feb 2024

                                Michael, 17 Feb 2024OnePlus is so bad. im not surprised... Hope this company bu... moreOneplus started sliding downwards bcos Oppo changed strategy. Oppo is now the premium brand in the group while Oneplus is focussing on the US market.

                                  Correct me if i am wrong but Oneplus with 12R is probably the first company that doesnt use UFS 4.0 in a Snap8gen2 256gb device.

                                  Even mid range Poco X6 pro uses UFS 4.0.

                                  Thats a new low for the company....

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                                    • 17 Feb 2024

                                    Sam N8 808 owner, 17 Feb 2024Dear commentors, Please don't comment "it doesn&... moreNot want to deep dive into such legal matters, but isn't it quite up to manufacturer, whether to use a specific component? They would also sometimes write in manual, that "the device/model could be up to further changes without announcement".

                                    I mean they have issued an lineup of phones, some of them, the upper ones, with ufs 4.0 and others with 3.1. And they have at first mistyped info for the 256Gb model. Understandable, but hardly a crime. I believe they initially intended to issue this particular model with ufs 3.1 - that would still be ok. Their only fault is that mistake in preliminary specifications information.

                                      Dear commentors,
                                      Please don't comment "it doesn't quite affect the experience", unless you've actually got the device in your hands.
                                      Many of you are not even consumers of Oneplus, and you attempt to weaken the actual customer's rights by your words. Wrong advertising is unethical and let us let Oneplus do its job..

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                                        • 17 Feb 2024

                                        justasmile, 17 Feb 2024I would've just kept it. UFS 3.1 is still damn fast.It is fast but why did they lie to us in the first place.
                                        That'll ruin the trust for consumers.