Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra is launching on March 14

20 February 2024
No signs of a smaller Zenfone 11 for now.

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  • 01 Mar 2024

Will it be possible to unlock the bootloader on this device?

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    • 22 Feb 2024

    Eric20, 20 Feb 2024The US Air Force and the companies that build the HUD of fi... morewhat we see nature and in a display is different, is there something like "ghosting" in real world ?
    yes, our eyes cant see every single frame but the our eyes see those smoothness from higher fps
    go play fps games on 60hz monitor vs 160hz+ monitor you should easily see the different

    most VR goggle is 90hz, 60hz minimum
    try go below 60hz, u get headache much faster than high fps

    there many youtube vids also showing the fps different, the smoothness is way different
    like this :

      Anton el .PAPI, 20 Feb 2024They don't care about you either!! Are you one of thos... moreI pray to god that you get IP banned from this site, you are a mistake here

        Eric20, 20 Feb 2024What is the point? You need more powerful GPU(and bigger ba... moreWhy the hell do you leave a comment like that? I was just asking questions

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          • 22 Feb 2024

          robin76, 21 Feb 2024By the time of release they will have to re-release the boo... morewhat? so asus make it impossible to unlock the bootloader all this time?

            L.L, 21 Feb 2024how you know its the resone ? im really askig . also phys... moreSo you mean to tell me that suddenly all the ultra 1000$+ phones can't figure out how to add a 3.5mm jack while there are 200$ phones who can...really? Due to the nature of batteries as they are right now, anything that uses them has a limited lifespan. I have a pair of sony's xb700. Used to last easily 7+ hours on a single charge, and the case would often provide at least another 7. Now, 3 years later, they barely last 1 hour. My problem isn't with wireless head/earphones since I do see their purpose. My problem is that companies remove a port which forces users to spend money on an adapter or on a pair of wireless head/earphones that are bound to become useless in a few years. The existence of a 3.5mm jack on a phone doesn't mean you can't use wireless headsets. The lack of it however, does nothing besides limit how you use wired ones. Everyone I've talked to (friends, colleagues) would go for wired generally thanks to sound quality, weight, mic quality and the fact that they can forget about them in a bag/jacket and not worry about battery. They only choose wireless when they can't have the phone on them or want anc.

            Your rugged phone comparison isn't exactly fair. Think of it more like: you can either get a rugged phone (more resistant, less comfortable), or a normal one but you can't have any protection for it (more comfort, more likely to break). You can either get a dongle (you can use wired head/earphones but can't use the port at the same time+one more thing to worry about) or get wireless head/earphones (which sooner or later you will have to replace due to battery)

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              • 21 Feb 2024

              Anton el .PAPI, 20 Feb 2024It brings the 3.5 jack connector, let's see what compl... moreThe expandable storage? You can buy a 1tb micro sd card for cheap nowadays.

                Anonymous, 21 Feb 2024Let see, the top selling phone are the big phones. so, what... moreBecause bigger phones get better cameras and marketing.
                Imagine if a galaxy s24 got cameras like the ultra and storage options

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                  • 21 Feb 2024

                  Digdigfig, 21 Feb 2024Why would I have to spend money on a dongle when I have an ... morehow you know its the resone ?
                  im really askig .
                  also physical antenna was always since dawn, and found still these days. in wifi adapter by usb port . and in many another nessecory enviurments.
                  whats your point ?
                  if it realy the only reasone(profit) ,that its bad, but its inndusry .
                  if was a real demmand they was pot it back.
                  i guess there isn't.
                  i mean ther's some and its ok.
                  but in my piont, is useless to invest in 3.5 in mobile. its still only mobile with very limeted profs ,in general .
                  you dont really need high quallity to listen it throgh mobile.
                  and you cant put everything in one package and say that i wnat it light durable and good in everything to.
                  its like i will say why not all the phone rugged from beggining by deafult so we dont need to carry pay and put case .
                  all compannies need and wants money be sure about it .
                  and i agree with you in 100% that wired headfhones better by a mil than any wirelees .
                  still 3.5mm jack in cellphone carry benefits only for a liitle part of consummers and not really wants ,for most of the peoples .
                  ask your friends : you want better headdphone quallity when they drive a bus car train or in the office but to go around with cable, or get a nice sound but not the best wirelessly ?

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                    • 21 Feb 2024

                    Hzzif, 21 Feb 2024You can find most of these specs at half the price. And Asu... morecant even correct you ,even if i want to.
                    nothing special nothing new nor ultra and price higher than other brands.
                    so the big question ,what do we pay extra for ?!

                      By the time of release they will have to re-release the bootloader unlock!

                        Anonymous, 20 Feb 2024It's not a basic feature though? It takes up valuable ... moreIts not extra cost. Look the way. It is extra savings and opportunity.

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                          • 21 Feb 2024

                          potato4k, 21 Feb 2024Actually, it's Asus not having a clue about their own ... moreHtc in 2023 did better than previous years.
                          U24 series is gonna be out by May.

                            Hzzif, 21 Feb 2024You can find most of these specs at half the price. And Asu... moreExactly. The only good thing about ROG phones was the gaming performance.

                            Asus should have doubled down on what made the ROG phone 7 Ultimate great; instead they decided to slap their userbase in the face by going mainstream when they could have simply made a gaming-centric phone (ROG phone 8) and made another mainstream device separately (which is what the Zenfone 11 Ultra is).

                            As it is, both phones are way overpriced and subpar in every way compared to other flagships which actually spent years focusing on what mainstream audiences want while Asus focused only on the gamer niche.

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                              • 21 Feb 2024

                              Their pricing with the rog8 is suicidal.. and at my place
                              Samsung have offer with the service provider right away ,even without their discount , with better camera, screen and AI it's still much cheaper than rog in all storage, and they remove the ultrasonic air trigger is a horrible move, zenfone 11 really need some tricks up the sleeve to compete with Samsung and other up coming devices, the new galaxy almost rendered all the other brand pointless

                                You can find most of these specs at half the price. And Asus, what's so Ultra about this?

                                  I just hope they have better cameras than what the ROG Phone offered. The ROG was pretty underwhelming.

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                                    • 21 Feb 2024

                                    Anonymous, 21 Feb 2024You can still buy type c to 3.5mm jack dongle and never rem... moreAnd you think that was a great idea? Best of luck with that, no such hassle with my Sony phone.

                                      Anonymous, 21 Feb 2024You can still buy type c to 3.5mm jack dongle and never rem... moreWhy would I have to spend money on a dongle when I have an almost 7 inch device? Samsung can fit a whole s-pen inside their ultra phone. They clearly have space for a 3.5mm jack. Why am I supposed to carry a dongle fhat I can lose at any moment instead of having a basic a## port that's been around since the dawn of time and has only been removed for the sake of profit

                                        A phone like this doesn't need an unveiling event