Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra is launching on March 14

20 February 2024
No signs of a smaller Zenfone 11 for now.

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  • 20 Feb 2024

Anton el .PAPI, 20 Feb 2024It brings the 3.5 jack connector, let's see what compl... moreBruh don't be so antagonistic towards people wanting basic expected features. No need to mock them as these companies are not going to care about you one bit.

    David 040882, 20 Feb 2024Anyone noticed how manufacturers are hurrying up every year... moredesperation to sell...

      Anyone noticed how manufacturers are hurrying up every year even more to release their new devices? Like the Xiaomi 14 Ultra is going to be revealed in February, whereas the 13 Ultra was announced in April last year. The Zenfone 10 came out in June or July, now the 11 is coming in March. At this pace, all major devices will be released in Q1

        Does this mean they stop making the smaller regular Zenfone?
        And Asus, you are no longer competitive with your pathetic 2 years of OS support. Keep this up, and you will follow HTC soon, and nobody will know you in 5 years.

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          • 20 Feb 2024

          i bought my first asus phone which was the asus
          zen fone 2 in july 2015 and it is still working until
          today but d sim tray can hardly read sim al ready


            It brings the 3.5 jack connector, let's see what complaint the crybabies come out with now!! ahh the price, why do they want all that in an expensive phone but with a mid-range or low-range price...

              I'm curious, why LTPO doesn't support higher refresh rates like 144hz or 165hz?