Xiaomi 14 Ultra is here: brighter 1-inch main camera, Titanium Special Edition

22 February 2024
A refinement of its excellent predecessor with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, and potent cameras.

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Anonymous, 24 Feb 2024You do not need to use more than iso100 in daytime. Mine ... moreYou need at least a shutter speed of 1/750s to capture a photo of a pet or a kid running around, and unless you're under the direct sunlight you're most likely using higher-than-base ISO at that point. Once you're in the shade you'll be cranking it up to 400-800 depending on the luminosity level, and obviously JN1 would struggle hard in such a situation. Modern phones with type 1/1.33 and larger sensors could handle it fine.

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    • 27 Feb 2024

    Hotone, 24 Feb 2024These days, it's Apple that is lagging behind on featu... moreNow a days? That's always how it's been

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      • 26 Feb 2024

      wow, indonesia rupiah almost 100.000.000? i think there some error, hehehe

        Anonymous, 26 Feb 2024In a Youtube hands on video somebody showed the pro mode an... moreYeah, that could be correct (I didn't check it). I just checked the options in auto mode. The 4 stops I mentioned were the ones you can choose between in photo mode

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          • 26 Feb 2024

          Aierlan, 24 Feb 2024'The lens is still technically a dual-aperture 23mm un... moreIn a Youtube hands on video somebody showed the pro mode and it looks as if you can adjust the f-number basically continuously. For example, he chose f/2.19.

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            • 25 Feb 2024

            Most powerful Xiaomi. I can't find anything to say more.

              Anonymous, 24 Feb 2024Did you check the exif focal length?No I didn't. Sorry

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                • 24 Feb 2024

                Allegedly, the focal length of the periscope camera is 19.4mm (same as 13 Ultra), that's incredible! This means that the effective lens diameter is 7.76mm! Even the 75mm tele has a very large diameter (6.82mm).

                The larger the effective lens diameter
                1. the more light is captured per exposure time from a distant object.
                2. the better the theoretical resolution limit for distant objects (due to diffraction)! Theoretically, 7.76mm lets you zoom 40% more than the S23 Ultra or Pixel 7 Pro, which have 5.55mm and 5.43mm, if there are enough pixels per angle. In other words: Theoretically, it's now possible to get 340mm smartphone cameras with the same quality at pixel level as previous 240mm cameras
                3. the more background blur at a given field of view

                39300mm Extremely Large Telescope (no built yet)
                2400mm Hubble Space Telescope
                67.4mm Nikon P1000
                20.16mm Panasonic Zs80D
                7.76mm Xiaomi 14 Ultra
                6.98mm Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
                6.93mm Huawei P60 Pro
                6.63mm BBK Vivo X100 Pro
                6.53mm Huawei Mate 40 Pro+
                6.47mm Xiaomi 13 Ultra
                6.43mm Google Pixel 8 Pro
                6.24mm Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
                5.92mm Honor Magic6 Pro
                5.59mm Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
                5.55mm Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
                5.47mm Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
                5.43mm Google Pixel 7 Pro
                5.20mm BBK Oppo Find X7 Ultra (135mm)
                5.18mm Sony Xperia 1 V
                4.25mm Huawei P30 Pro
                3.21mm Apple iPhone 15 Pro
                2.38mm Asus Zenfone Zoom
                2.36mm Apple iPhone 7 Plus

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                  • 24 Feb 2024

                  Nick Tegrataker, 23 Feb 2024"Even 1/500s is enough to freeze motion. No matter if ... moreYou do not need to use more than iso100 in daytime.
                  Mine has base of 100, zero issues. It has isocell JN1.
                  Do not need to apply and NR on lightroom.
                  Edited dng is far better than jpeg of edge 40 series.

                  Plants do not look mushy.
                  People do not look like porcelaine.

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                    • 24 Feb 2024

                    Aierlan, 24 Feb 2024Tried this out for about 30 minutes today. The main positi... moreObviously. Multiframe exposure is not made for motion.
                    One frame will never be equal to the next.
                    Somehow tech media never mentions this.

                    Even old sony Z phones had sports as one of those "recognition scenes".
                    When I used, sometimes shutter could go 1/12000s.

                    Soft skin, soft snap, anti motion blur, landscape, backlight , night portrait, night scene, , hand-held twilight, high sensitivity, gourmet, pet, beach, snow, party , sports, document, fireworks

                    Then , crapmi note users (aka I want iphone but cant afford) love to claim sony never does new things.

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                      • 24 Feb 2024

                      Aierlan, 24 Feb 2024Tried this out for about 30 minutes today. The main positi... moreDid you check the exif focal length?

                        The main sensor is cool and top notch. The sensor sizes of the remaining three rear cameras, however, are so 2017-2018. Just disappointing. Many other contemporary camera phones use a bigger 1/2"-sized sensor for their tele-lenses.

                          'The lens is still technically a dual-aperture 23mm unit, but it's wider at the bright end - switching between f/1.63 and f/4.0 here'

                          The good thing is you can choose between four apertures in the settings. F1.63, F2.0, F2.8, F4.0. You can also choose auto where the software decides for you. If you choose auto the default during daytime and indoors is F2.0 so it will be shooting at F2.0 most of the time apart from night photos. Nice to have 4 aperture choices though.

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                            • 24 Feb 2024

                            Is this available in India xiomi 14 ultra with kit also.

                              Tried this out for about 30 minutes today. The main positive I see compared to the Xiaomi 13 ultra and the Xiaomi 14 and 14 pro is that they have added a separate sports mode toggle in the camera following the likes of Honor, Oppo and Vivo. Now the sports mode is more reliable and fires more frequently. For the Xiaomi 14 it is not that reliable as it doesn't fire sometimes when the subjects are not moving fast enough e.g. walking briskly but the Xiaomi 14 ultra fires more frequently. I hope they add this separate mode to the rest of the Xiaomi 14 series but maybe it is being reserved for the ultra. Also the sports mode seems to use a faster shutter speed by default. It would choose 1/700s when the Xiaomi 14 and 14 pro would be choosing 1/500s. The downside was it didn't use HDR in my trial together with the sports mode. For example, in a situation without a moving subject the hdr would fire but it wouldn't fire when there was a moving subject in the scene resulting in the background all being blown out. The in hand feel is improved compared to the 13 ultra and it is more comfortable to hold. A rounded back and the removal of the hump in the middle of the phone were good moves. Still, the inhand feed is not as good as the regular Xiaomi 14 which feels really great in the hand compared to either the pro or ultra model. Personally, think the Xiaomi 14 is almost the perfect size for comfort of daily use. The biggest downside I noticed for the Xiaomi 14 ultra was the screen. At the top it curves around into the frame and when not looking straight on you can notice a big dark border on a white screen background at the top of the screen. This is not there on the 13 ultra as it doesn't curve at the top like the 14 ultra. It is also not noticeable at the bottom of the screen due to the bigger bexel on the bottom compared to the top of the screen but is quite off putting at the top of the screen. Hope one of the Chinese manufacturers can eventually release their top flagships with a flat screen. There is some practical benefit benefit to side curves for swipe gestures but this curve at the top doesn't really have any practical benefit.

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                                • 24 Feb 2024

                                Is anyone able to download a 120mm f/2.5 sample image from a Baidu link at weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309405004488091238617 and check the exif focal length?

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                                  • 24 Feb 2024

                                  Anonymous, 23 Feb 2024Even 1/500s is enough to freeze motion. No matter if 1/2.9... moreThese days, it's Apple that is lagging behind on features and design, and copying what works for other brands

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                                    • 24 Feb 2024

                                    Titanium is nice, 23 Feb 2024No matter how good a camera Xiaomi delivers, dxomark will p... moreYeah, What's up with that?

                                      Anonymous, 23 Feb 2024Even 1/500s is enough to freeze motion. No matter if 1/2.9... more"Even 1/500s is enough to freeze motion. No matter if 1/2.9" or 1/1.2""
                                      Yeah, except, the photo will look really crap on a type 1/2.9 sensor when it starts shooting at above base ISO.

                                      "More frames you take, higher chance to get the shot you want"
                                      Which is why most phones automatically pick the best frame or let you choose the best one out of multiple photos in "sports" mode.

                                      "Thanks again for proving chinese brands are always copying."
                                      Thanks again for showing that you don't appreciate the democratisation of features and rather strongly fixate on "who did it first" without looking at how well they are implemented.

                                        Aierlan, 22 Feb 2024It doesn't support some key European bands though like... moreArrr... Not smart of them 👍🏻