Report: Apple considers licensing Google's Gemini AI for iPhone

18 March 2024
Apple is reportedly bringing new AI features to iOS 18 developed on its in-house LLMs but it's also considering a licensing deal for generative AI purposes.

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Pranavateja, 16 Apr 2024On planet earth Abhramic Right and Socialist Left k!lled mo... moretrue but if you really can't see which side is playing you and how they are playing you you must be blind. And egoism and arrogance has indeed turned the people blind.

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    • Pranavateja
    • XSc
    • 16 Apr 2024

    RealLifePhones, 19 Mar 2024Last time an AI got trained on Twitter it had to be deactiv... moreOn planet earth Abhramic Right and Socialist Left k!lled more people. Our beliefs "only" and Our model "only" created genocides and wars on earth.

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      • Who cares
      • p23
      • 20 Mar 2024

      AI is useless. Stands for Artificial Idiocy. Not gonna use Google or AiPhone anymore...

        punmeisterone, 18 Mar 2024Also the ethical choice like prefering to start WWIII inste... moreLast time an AI got trained on Twitter it had to be deactivated within days because it turned into a racist. And last time I checked both world wars were started by right wing parties and not the the left.

          I just do NOT believe it would happen, it would be ABSURD 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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            • Anonymous
            • vaS
            • 18 Mar 2024

            Anonymous, 18 Mar 2024Siri has always used Google. It's a skin used to trick... moreThe same customers who weren't paying attention to Assange and Snowden when they exposed NSA partners? 🤣
            Let's pretend to be shocked.

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              • Anonymous
              • IbL
              • 18 Mar 2024

              Lawsuits from both companies incoming..... Let the wat begin

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                • Reality....
                • IWU
                • 18 Mar 2024

                iOS is losing its simplicity with all this AI amd other gimmicks. I much prefer it to remain a simple (pseudo) smartphone OS, the one it used to be during iOS 6/7 times :(

                Also, not in favour of Apple allowing Google to sneak into their devices.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 0cB
                  • 18 Mar 2024

                  What a loser. Can't make it themselves.

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                    • AnonD-1147675
                    • 03P
                    • 18 Mar 2024

                    Don't license a SINGLE service for Apple, until Apple licenses iMessage compatibility for Android, Google!

                      About said Ajax AI language chat bot or whathewer is that it will end like project Titan Apple will spend billions in long term run of several years and then it will say is not possible just like with Apple 5G chips.
                      Mark my words.
                      Then Apple will one day sack all the personnel who would work on such project which will be cancelled.

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                        • James
                        • C@V
                        • 18 Mar 2024

                        Apple stoped Apple Car
                        now, Apple stopping the Siri.

                        but taking Google Gemini AI, well done.
                        just like Apple MacOS continue to stay relevant due to able to supporting Windows11, Microsoft Office and Others.

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                          • LaoZi
                          • C@V
                          • 18 Mar 2024

                          rip for the low spec Siri

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                            • Anonymous
                            • IbI
                            • 18 Mar 2024

                            Google anti-trust lawsuit v2 dropping in 3..2..1..

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 05a
                              • 18 Mar 2024

                              James Whister, 18 Mar 2024Why not improve Siri, instead of using Google's Gemini.Siri has always used Google. It's a skin used to trick naive customers into thinking they're privacy conscious. One of the biggest frauds in tech history.

                                Why not improve Siri, instead of using Google's Gemini.

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                                  • XCIV
                                  • Dkp
                                  • 18 Mar 2024

                                  Anything's better than Siri.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • msZ
                                    • 18 Mar 2024

                                    apple when it finds out how diverse people are in the images that Gemini generates:

                                      Apple please Train me 🥹 it won't cost you millions a day like your language model

                                      Just pay for a cooking class/course for me or something

                                        Anonymous, 18 Mar 2024Google really have a lot of $$$ to make a deal with Apple f... moreThis will be reversal, Apple will have to pay license fee for Google for using Gemini. AI takes lots of super computing power and access through many patented algorithms and many billion hours worth of trained, reinforced models since Apple won't give the data back to Google, Google will charge for it.