Weekly poll: is the Samsung Galaxy M55 the right mid-ranger for you?

14 April 2024
With some impressive specs that stand out even with the S-series in the background (and some less impressive stats), the M55 has a lot of potential. 

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To me, it essentially boils down between Nord CE4 and Poco X6 Pro.

Poco gives the top notch performance in a price when even 512GB seems like a steal, and CE4 is the allrounder with microSD slot too.
Nothing's strong point is its radical design, and overall its good, the cam and all.

But M55's cheek burning overheating, buggy OS, camera/ video recording bugs, etc make it a failure here. As it is, I'd give M55 the "not recommended" score..

    7 gen 1, 5k mah battery for what 27k price tag. THE WORST SMARTPHONE FROM SAMSUNG. Ever older M54 is lot better than m55 that too at much better price.

      should've had the M51's 7000mAh battery for me to consider it

        Lol any negative comment about M55 removed, pathe...tic

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          • AlienKiss
          • ndp
          • 15 Apr 2024

          I'm not interested in midrange phones. Worst case scenario , maybe a flagship killer but those are understandable also.
          I'd rather buy a 2-3 year old high-end flagship instead of any brand new midrange phone.

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            • yalim
            • mu4
            • 15 Apr 2024

            why would you buy a new midranger if you can afford a 1-2 year old flagship.older flaghip has much better hw, features and still longer sw support.

              Why isn't Moto Edge 50 Pro listed in the alternative/competition?
              That is a far more well balanced than Nord CE4 or Phone 2a and costs same as the M55.

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                • Mike4
                • 6vA
                • 15 Apr 2024

                When will GSMARENA start paying their registered users for taking these polls?

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                  • Notafanboy
                  • sS{
                  • 15 Apr 2024

                  [deleted post]Antutu 700000 horrible? Many phone with that score in that price range and its not slow in anyway unless u use it to play AAA game with best settings for graphics. It can charge 45 watt and u call it slow because of midrange? Even most high end samsung phone only can charge 25 watt. Please get the facts right noobs

                    Anonymous, 14 Apr 2024The slow and technical illiterates repeating their irreleva... moreWell, yeah, that's the best way to describe about yourself.

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                      • Bhanu
                      • s81
                      • 14 Apr 2024

                      Comparing with redmi 9 pro which is 2+year old having great camera...but not this samsung.. M55, this an produce photos like 10-12k mobile camera, where u get quitehigh exposureimages.. looks whitish.... don't fall for samsung brand name.. instead u consider one plus ce4 or Redmi 13 pro... even more durable and unbreakable..
                      Imp point-Bluelight or night mode in samsung is shifty... feels bad... learn from xiomi/Redmi for this...
                      Many unnessery deep settings...complicated..
                      Samsung intentionally do degrading lot...just upgrade to nxt high end...where others are offering half of that price...

                      In last... after experiencing many brands, Redmi top series are best and user friendly... no need to worry for anything..!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • pVM
                        • 14 Apr 2024

                        Without audio jack, no thanks

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                          • Tech Guy
                          • 7j}
                          • 14 Apr 2024

                          Rimon1957, 14 Apr 2024Ok how many of you complaining right here own a good Samsun... moreWell One Customer Good Experience doesn't means others have good as well. I am not having good experience of Samsung at all & this is cherry on top lol 3 years dated 7 Gen 1 for price of 8+ Gen 1 & 7+ Gen 3 is most worst joke & money-making from people.

                            Anonymous, 14 Apr 2024Because it is? Ppl bought it because it's true. Any ph... moresoftware updates aren't that important anyways unless if they break compatibility like walled garden OS 🤭🤭 it's android after all, regardless if the phone is updated or not, as long if the hardware is usable. it's not like if the phone would brick itself after they no longer get updates. i don't see the point of why people are so anxious over a patch date on about phone section when it does not help from phishing links and scams😂😂😂😂

                              Rimon1957, 14 Apr 2024Ok how many of you complaining right here own a good Samsun... moreThat's bait

                                Ok how many of you complaining right here own a good Samsung? Or this phone right here?
                                Don't start a fight with me I've used good smartphones from almost all other popular brands and I was fairly disappointed in most. Samsung's the one that could never disappoint me. Yes, I've tried their phones from almost all price ranges

                                  HopeFilledIdiot, 14 Apr 2024Atleast in India, they're similarly priced for the 256... more👌🏻😊

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • vaS
                                    • 14 Apr 2024

                                    Anonymous, 14 Apr 2024Because it is? Ppl bought it because it's true. Any ph... moreNot really. Coz lots of abandoned phones, particularly Samsung and LG, still get sold a lot on used markets. A smart person with an un-updated phone will survive vs a fool with the latest gadget but falls easily to scams and phising links.

                                    Besides, Google Play Services still get updated even if original maker abandoned the phone.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • fCC
                                      • 14 Apr 2024

                                      Anonymous, 14 Apr 2024It's because ur 2018 device still shines Yes, that is too

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                                        • M0S
                                        • 14 Apr 2024

                                        Anonymous, 14 Apr 2024Samsung isn't worth buying. It's just hyped up, a... moreIt's because ur 2018 device still shines