YouTube's crackdown on ad blockers expands to third-party apps

16 April 2024
Pretty soon there will be nowhere to watch ad-free YouTube if you don't subscribe to Premium.

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potato4k, 16 Apr 2024LOL. They're done? Look here. Everybody are willing to... moreSpeaking of that... People used to admire Facebook services despite everything that happened. And then TikTok came. Yes, Facebook is still alive and well but with less and less users, older and older generation. There's no platform that people can't be without. Take a look in history. Windows phones (way before android or lumia era). Nokia's symbian itself and monopoly they had. What about MSN, Bing? I didn't mean that YouTube will be wiped out of existence, at least for a decade. But if they truly became too restrictive user base will slowly migrate. Not to mention content creators. Some already moved on because of false strikes by YouTube algorithm. Just lean back and watch if they keep this pace. Mark my words. Next 5 years AD blocker will be possible, one way or another. I understand everything, your point of view, business model, power of the platform, but don't let that current status as best video content platform fool you. Major problem for competitors is storage, but with new compression methods it will be solvable sooner than later.

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    • 22 Apr 2024

    still use adblocks, never see any adblock warnings. google (evil cartel owned by criminals) will always loose.

      I'll gladly pay premium if not a subscription.

        Reasons why I hate monopoly company dominant makes users experience worst

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          • p4K
          • 18 Apr 2024

          Go greed go broke!

          There will be alternatives for Youtube if this issue will be too much to users.

            Anonymous, 16 Apr 2024Apples to Oranges. You pay to get access to the article, y... moreYou completely lost the point, sorry...

            There are no 'free' things, but there are different ways to pay.

            And I suggest a more general system for micro-payments for whatever type of webcontent.

            I do not want to interact directly in paying a specific page-owner for the access, we need a generalized and simplified way.

            SOME content may allow you to pay by being pestered by ads - not all.

            And I would simply want a way to be allowed to pay the webpage the same micro-payment they would get showing an ad...

              I rarely use the official YT app. Why? Not necessarily just about the ads that support creators.

              1. Homepage is less than 1 real video per screen. The rest is shorts, community posts, "featured" content, and ads taking up twice the space of a video thumbnail where all the money goes to Google, which is already comically large. None of this is at all customizable.
              2. Removal of dislike count
              3. Search is incredibly bad now. 25% what you search for, 35% ads, 40% content unrelated to your search.
              4. Much of the time I enter the app, I just get a full screen pop-up.
              5. Many creators cannot monetize, yet Google forces lots of ads on their videos and takes 100% of the money.

              If YouTube made their app not dog crap, I'd use it more. They wonder why people use 3rd party apps.

              Anyways, I've switched to Nebula for half my video consumption due to YouTube's greed. If they hadn't been so greedy over the last couple years, I would've gotten premium.

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                • 17 Apr 2024

                Hardware Hypervisor, 17 Apr 2024What are people complaining about? Do they really think tha... moreThe company owes me a lot. Throughout our whole lifetime companies like Google collect our data and sell it it to other companies by creating individual profiles for every user. This business is the main income source of companies like Google. And now they want me to pay in order to not see ads anymore, which are already individualized according to the data they collected about me. They want me to pay for the revenue they would lose if they stopped receiving money from other companies for showing me individualized ads.
                And again Google finds a cheap excuse to legitimate their ad policy. They don't allow third-party apps to turn off ads "because that prevents the creator from being rewarded for viewership, and Ads on YouTube help support creators and let billions of people around the world use the streaming service".
                No, the creator gets a lot of money from other sponsors by showing ads inside his video which I can skip by double-tapping on the right side of my screen in case I don't want to see them. Moreover, Google also makes a lot of money with other things, I think they have more than enough money to pay the creators.

                And finally, I have never bought anything from the ads I have seen on youtube, so I should be allowed to choose not to see ads since the third-party company which paid Google for that individualized ad lost its money for no reason.

                  Amit05, 16 Apr 2024Bro don't spread misinformation. Revanced works withou... moreNo and I deny anything that you say counter wise u have a Rooted Phone it works for u

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                    • 17 Apr 2024

                    Then if I pay for premium why do I have to hear a word from the creator's sponsor?

                      Anonymous, 17 Apr 2024You must be talking about banned ads...Nope, some are real

                        Anonymous, 16 Apr 2024With this logic, Google Search shouldn't show ads beca... moreThe adds on Google search appear at the top, not in-between every couple of actual search results, right? Also, they're text-based, so they are merely costing the user like ~5kb of data.

                        The day Google starts placing ads in-between a couple of search results and embed video ads in result pages will be the day traffic will start going down. Knowledgeable users will use ad-blockers anyway.

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                          • 17 Apr 2024

                          Hardware Hypervisor, 17 Apr 2024What are people complaining about? Do they really think tha... moreBased on your point, it can also be said that I don't owe the company anything and I can block the ads whenever I want.

                            Google should only be playing ads at the start and end of the video instead of interrupting viewing with stupid annoying ads which nobody gives a damn about

                              What are people complaining about? Do they really think that running the YouTube servers is free? If you don't want to pay, just endure the ads. While I understand that it sucks having to choose between higher price or longer ads, the company doesn't owe you anything.

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                                • 17 Apr 2024

                                justasmile, 17 Apr 2024Well, some ads are very good that even people want to loop it.You must be talking about banned ads...

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                                  • 17 Apr 2024

                                  While YouTube trying to crackdown the Adblock
                                  At the same time their unskipped ads become longer and longer
                                  And double unskipped 20 seconds ads
                                  Just to make people go premium
                                  I won’t pay single cent to it

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                                    • xjH
                                    • 17 Apr 2024

                                    I don't like watching ads but i don't hate ads.

                                    Only thing i hate is i get too many japanese product ads.
                                    I don't understand japanese, hence those ads sometimes get on my nerve.
                                    Why i get too many japanese product ads while watching english contents, i wonder sometime.
                                    Anyone knows why?

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                                      • 17 Apr 2024

                                      .wojtek, 17 Apr 2024F* YouTube and Google - I support creators directly ❤️How?
                                      With pegions?

                                        F* YouTube and Google - I support creators directly ❤️