Nothing Ear and Ear (a) announced

18 April 2024
Pre-orders start today while open sales are scheduled for April 22.

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  • 19 Apr 2024

Nikojas, 18 Apr 2024I don’t really understand the difference between these 2 pr... moreI have present day Nothing 2 buds, bought on sale at xmas for $99. The custom equalization setting is fantastic. It actually improves my scores when I watch frequency videos on YouTube I can hear 15 KHz not 13 Khz. Worth $50 to me, easily ... So that alone justifies the cost of the new nothing earbuds in this article...

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    • k@B
    • 19 Apr 2024

    Anonymous, 18 Apr 2024Sadly another type of in ear canal buds instead of regular ones.this^ hate those gel tips, always falls out, best way was how ear buds comfortably sat in the ear back in the day, without needing to show them like some cork

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      • 18 Apr 2024

      Sadly another type of in ear canal buds instead of regular ones.

        Lost my trust, last year both model have similar issue. Ine side stopped and there's no replacement even under warranty in my country.

        That's not acceptable at all.

          Oh dear, that's slightly overpriced. Maybe I'll just wait for Nothing Ear 2 discounts instead.

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            • 18 Apr 2024


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              • 18 Apr 2024

              Now I'm excited. Let's see if Nothing listened to DMS and Crinacle's videos detailing what went wrong with their last products and how they can improve the newest.

                I agree with Nikojas, they're pretty much the same but Ear (a) has no LDHC but still has LDAC.

                "Smart ANC algorithm which automatically checks for noise leakage and adjusts the ANC accordingly." Nice advantage to be honest. I worry about sound leak

                  🥱 Nothing to phone home about

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                    • Nikojas
                    • 6t8
                    • 18 Apr 2024

                    I don’t really understand the difference between these 2 products. One has wireless charging and a different case but 50 euros more ? They seem 98% the same. And the same as ear 2 to the same degree.