Nothing Ear and Ear (a) announced

Michail, 18 April 2024

Nothing’s latest earbuds come in two styles and price points with the €99/$99/£99 Nothing Ear (a) and the €149/$149/£129 Nothing Ear. Nothing Ear, available right now from Nothing, is the new flagship offering coming in as a direct successor to last year’s Ear (2) while Ear (a), which you can also buy straight from Nothing, aims to fill the gap as the more affordable entry. Nothing also announced ChatGPT integration for the new earbuds allowing you to summon the AI assistant with a pinch gesture.

Nothing Ear

Nothing Ear gets refined 11mm dynamic drivers with a ceramic diaphragm for richer and crisper highs as well as two additional vents to improve airflow for a clearer sound signature. Nothing is offering LHDC 5.0 and LDAC codec support for high-bitrate streaming and an improved Smart ANC algorithm which automatically checks for noise leakage and adjusts the ANC accordingly.

Nothing Ear Nothing Ear
Nothing Ear

Nothing is also bringing more sound control with an Advanced Equalizer option on the Nothing X companion app where you can tweak that you can share with friends.

Nothing Ear connects via Bluetooth 5.3 with dual device pairing, Google Fast Pair, and Microsoft Swift Pair. Nothing also added new talk microphones with Clear Voice Technology for better voice pickup and clearer calls. Battery life is rated at 8.5 hours from the earbuds without ANC (5.2h with ANC) and 40.5 hours with the charging case. You get support for wired charging via USB-C and wireless charging up to 2.5W on compatible Qi chargers.

Nothing Ear comes in White and Black Nothing Ear comes in White and Black
Nothing Ear in White and Black

Noting Ear comes in black and white colors. Pre-orders start today while open sales are scheduled for April 22.

Nothing Ear (a)

Nothing Ear (a) retains most of the key features from the higher-priced Nothing Ear with 11mm dynamic drivers, ANC, and LDAC support. Ear (a) features a slightly tweaked design with a rectangular case and comes in and a bright yellow color alongside the white and black versions.

Nothing Ear (a) Nothing Ear (a) Nothing Ear (a)
Nothing Ear (a)

The rest of the specs are in line with the more expensive Nothing Ear apart from the custom EQs and fancier ceramic diaphragm. Battery life is rated at 9.5 hours of playback with ANC off (5.5h with ANC) and up to 42.5 hours including the charging case. You only get wired charging via USB-C here.


Reader comments

  • systemBuilder
  • 19 Apr 2024
  • qPk

I have present day Nothing 2 buds, bought on sale at xmas for $99. The custom equalization setting is fantastic. It actually improves my scores when I watch frequency videos on YouTube I can hear 15 KHz not 13 Khz. Worth $50 to me, easily ... So t...

  • Anonymous
  • 19 Apr 2024
  • k@B

this^ hate those gel tips, always falls out, best way was how ear buds comfortably sat in the ear back in the day, without needing to show them like some cork

  • Anonymous
  • 18 Apr 2024
  • Fek

Sadly another type of in ear canal buds instead of regular ones.

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