Samsung Galaxy Ring model numbers leak pointing to eight different sizes

22 April 2024
That's one less than previously rumored.

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I want to propose to my gf with this. She has an iPhone.

    can't wait for te samsung earing

      Samsung needs to come back with printers
      They literally have everything but except for a few more daily used devices and printers is one of em 💀

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        • YYX
        • 23 Apr 2024

        I’m surprised that nobody has made any phallic jokes yet.

          But what good is a ring if Samsung fails in HR tracking?

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            • 22 Apr 2024

            Vin Aigre, 22 Apr 2024Do you know what is the next step after the ring?Implants, custom build by AI, all kinds really.

              Do you know what is the next step after the ring?

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                • 22 Apr 2024

                You may buy the largest smartwatch and use it happily. But the largest ring may not fit your finger. That's why they release many sizes. I don't need the ring but may buy one as it looks cool.

                  When is the Samsung Galaxy Chastity Cage being released?

                    One which controls all.
                    The Sauron and Saruman from Lord of the rings series.

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                      • 22 Apr 2024

                      Talking about 9 rings…
                      Didn’t also Sauron made 9 rings to rule the Mortal Men?