Samsung Galaxy Ring model numbers leak pointing to eight different sizes

Vlad, 22 April 2024

Samsung's Galaxy Ring was initially teased in January, then showcased in February at MWC, and is expected to be fully announced this July at the company's next Unpacked unveiling event, which is also where the next Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold will see the light of day.

So far we've been operating under the assumption that there will be nine Galaxy Ring sizes in total, but a new leak kind of implies Samsung may have cut one of those, and settled on eight in the end. This leak gives us the model numbers for the rings, and there are just eight of them: SM-Q500, SM-Q501, SM-Q502, SM-Q505, SM-Q506, SM-Q507, SM-Q508, and SM-Q509.

Samsung Galaxy Ring model numbers leak pointing to eight different sizes

The eagle eyed amongst you have surely already noticed that we're missing two numbers in that sequence, namely SM-Q503 and SM-Q504. It's unclear what's going on here - maybe ten sizes were initially planned, then one was cut, and then another.

The source of this leak claims SM-Q500 will be the smallest size, while SM-Q509 will be the largest. So if two sizes have indeed been cut before launch, it's interesting to note that they were both on the smaller side.

Samsung Galaxy Ring model numbers leak pointing to eight different sizes

Anyway, most of this is mere speculation at this point, don't forget. What's clear is that rings are more complicated to make than smartwatches, where one or two sizes are enough. Considering Samsung also wants to offer the Galaxy Ring in three colors, the number of possible permutations is huge, so it would be understandable if the company decided to go with the absolute lowest number of sizes it could get away with.

The Galaxy Ring will last up to nine days on one charge (the benefits of not having a screen, we assume), and it will feature sleep tracking and possibly even NFC to allow you to pay with it.

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I want to propose to my gf with this. She has an iPhone.

can't wait for te samsung earing

Samsung needs to come back with printers They literally have everything but except for a few more daily used devices and printers is one of em 💀

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