Samsung Galaxy Ring goes official

Michail, 26 February 2024

Samsung briefly teased its Galaxy Ring at the Galaxy S24 Unpacked last month but we now get more details as the wearable was formally announced. Samsung did not reveal pricing and availability details as those are coming later this year but we did get a lot more details for the first Galaxy smart ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring goes official

Galaxy Ring will be offered in US ring sizes 5 - 13 which will be marked with S to XL on the inside of the ring. Samsung's ring features a concave shape that tapers in the middle instead of the convex look of the Oura Ring. Galaxy Ring will be offered in three colors – ceramic black, platinum silver, and gold.

Samsung Galaxy Ring goes official

Galaxy Ring tracks heart rate, breathing rate, sleep, and night movement, and can even detect early signs of sleep apnea. Samsung is also advertising the Ring as a companion to the Galaxy Watch allowing for higher quality 24/7 health and activity tracking.

It also calculates your Vitality score based on a combination of daily activity, sleep, resting heart rate and heart rate variability. Users can also set specific wellbeing goals and receive feedback on their progress via Booster Cards which will be available in the Samsung Health app.

Samsung Galaxy Ring goes official

Samsung Galaxy Ring will be exclusively compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones at launch, with plans to expand to more Android devices later.



Reader comments

I believe it'll be a wireless charger shaped like a finger where the ring slips over it

Diadvantages to any ring are: No on device direct manipulation or calibration of features.. No way known of how it detects YOU as a user or anyone else if say you take it off for say swiming in the sea or ocean and someone else puts ir on. Li...

That... was not the point of my post. My post was about such device costing 300+ € when it has no display. It shouldn't cost that much. That was my point.

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