Weekly poll results: the Motorola Edge 50 series is promising but overpriced

27 April 2024
The Fusion model didn't get that many complaints about its price, but not much interest either. The Pro model drew in a lot of interest, but the price will have to come down.

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  • sujoy bera
  • uvg
  • 28 Apr 2024

poor camera quality

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    • Anonymous
    • YYX
    • 28 Apr 2024

    CamoGeko-XDA, 28 Apr 2024Yeah Motorola kinda screwed up the pricing on these.The specs, prices… they’re all off.

      Yeah Motorola kinda screwed up the pricing on these.

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        • Minu
        • ter
        • 28 Apr 2024

        Nice yet boring designs with a tone-deaf nomenclature, and the price does nothing whatsoever to justify it. It's totally unacceptable to get a rebranded FunTouch OS with Pixel icons and gobs of bloatware and pay an unfair premium for all of that imho

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          • AnonD-1154369
          • YgY
          • 28 Apr 2024

          I bought the Moto Edge+ 2023 at launch from my carrier for USD $200 off. It's going to be awful difficult to beat the value of that with a comparable 50 series purchase. Reviews and price will be critical.

            Overpriced and not promising lmao. Where do you get promising from. If a phone is expected to be good for the price it's promising. The price is the only thing that matters.

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              • Tk8
              • 28 Apr 2024

              Pricing in india seems aggressive but internationally is overpriced.