Sony Xperia 1 VI and Xperia 10 VI official renders leak

03 May 2024
The Xperia 10 VI got rid of its predecessor's telephoto camera.

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Anonymous, 07 May 2024Please, I rather take "horrible" "sleeping u... moreI dont believe u .. u have right now punch hole ... dont lie :)

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    • 07 May 2024

    DIG, 07 May 2024The black boarder is no worse than a useless bar of screen ... moreWhy don't you watch movies on a big TV?

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      • 07 May 2024

      Poster, 06 May 2024still same horrible ancient black borders up n down,.. sony... morePlease, I rather take "horrible" "sleeping under the rock" design over any phones with worthless punch holes and pills, especially when most apps still can't hide them well anyway.

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        • 07 May 2024

        Poster, 06 May 2024still same horrible ancient black borders up n down,.. sony... moreThe black boarder is no worse than a useless bar of screen hidden by status bar with a black hole punched out for a camera. Unlike the 16:9 YouTube format, streaming Prime video and Netflix's 21:9 format take FULL advantage of the wide screen without boarders, no hole punch, no tabs or status bar nonsense. Just full cinema wide 21:9 full movie no ridiculous holes in view. I don't think the new 19.5:9 format will be quite as good.

          I don't mind much about the Xperia 10's 2x zoom telephoto camera, especially when Sony put a 48MP camera sensor on the Xperia 10 Mk5. In this case, it's an omission I can live with. As long as it can continue to deliver crazy-great battery life like before, that's all I care about.

          As for the Xperia 1 Mk6, I'm definitely looking forward to the new 3.5x-7x zoom tele camera. Sony is really pushing the variable optical zoom technology envelope here, and I'm all for it. Also, it'd be great if Sony could give variable aperture to the primary camera since Xperia Pro seems to be no longer a thing.

            That will be amazing camera

              Ouifuf, 06 May 2024Never said the small phones weren't compelling. I was ... moreI don't have to go back a few generations. Functionally, there are only minor differences. The differences you pointed out don't change the practical functioning of the phone, generally speaking. Here are the differences we can see with the most recent small phones (pulled from GSMArena's phone comparison tool):

              -iPhone mini vs regular vs Plus: smaller size and shorter battery life; all other aspects are equal.

              -Xperia 5 vs 1: smaller size, no optical zoom camera, fewer storage/RAM options; all other aspects are equal (thermals were also an issue for the 1 from every review I saw)

              -S24 vs S24+: smaller size, no UWB; all other aspects are equal

              But yes, we can totally disagree on what we prefer, we were just going back and forth because you suggested there were major differences between the phones, and I don't think there are. If I'm missing anything in the above comparison, please point it out.

                still same horrible ancient black borders up n down,.. sony still sleeping under rock..

                  PeterM, 06 May 2024the market is literally FULL with midrange phones with larg... morei don't like other brand, only like Sony need midrange with large screen with midrange price phone from Sony.

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                    • 06 May 2024

                    Alexz80, 05 May 2024Hopefully 6.5" for 10 vi plus if can, because i need m... morethe market is literally FULL with midrange phones with large screens. leave a "compact" option for us small(er) phone enjoyers please.

                      mrleft, 06 May 2024Apologies, I was thinking the Xperia 1 and 5 IV had the sam... moreHonestly let's just agree to disagree lol. You care about things I don't and vice versa. I'll still hold my opinion that these things actually matter (especially to me) and you'll hold yours

                        mrleft, 06 May 2024The 14/15 plus are base models. the 14/15 Pro Max are not. ... moreNever said the small phones weren't compelling. I was just pointing out the differences when you said functionality no difference. The fact you have to go back a few generations to try and make your point isn't good.

                        And the 5 has always had a different camera to the 1 btw. The 5 iv for example didn't have the same optical zoom the 1 did. Outside of that, thermals were a nightmare for the 5iv.

                        It also seems like other than an iPhone, you can't tell me there isn't a noticeable difference between phones.

                          Ouifuf, 06 May 2024So you don't consider the 15 plus a base model? Also I... moreApologies, I was thinking the Xperia 1 and 5 IV had the same camera layout, but the telephoto cameras were different for those just like for the 1 and 5 V. It was the mark I-III that had the same camera layout between models.

                          For UWB, I can't see as that's a game changer as so few companies offer it and it seems to be a fairly specific application with limited application on Android. If it's a deal-killer for you, that's fine, but for me, the smaller size is a deal killer, and I wouldn't miss the lack of UWB, and I'd guess most others wouldn't either.

                          The charging speed thing I get, but, again, it's mostly related to battery size: a smaller battery will charge faster by virtue of its size. You need faster charging for a larger phone because it has a larger battery because it needs a larger battery to keep the phone operating for long enough to be practical. Unless you're using your phone for a ridiculous amount, you're probably going to charge it overnight to be ready for the next day, at which point the charging speed is moot.

                            Ouifuf, 06 May 2024So you don't consider the 15 plus a base model? Also I... moreThe 14/15 plus are base models. the 14/15 Pro Max are not. the 14/15 Plus are effectively the same as the 14/15, just as the 12/13 mini were effectively the same as the 12/13, save for matters related to physical dimensions (screen and battery size and resolution/stamina).

                            The cameras in the 1 and 5 were the same until the mark V phones. The screens are effectively the same when you look at PPI and the point where a user can functionally see the distinction between pixels. A bigger screen will need to be higher resolution to look as clear as a smaller screen. A phone with a larger screen and higher resolution will require a higher battery to offer comparable battery life to a smaller device with a smaller screen and relatively lower resolution. I'm unaware of any significant difference between the speakers in the 1/5 IV and V.

                            You seem to mixing up specs for a bunch of phones in here. Here are the comparisons we need to make:

                            iPhone 12/13 mini vs. iPhone 12/13; iPhone 14/15 vs. iPhone 15/15 Plus
                            Xperia 1 vs Xperia 5 (across the same generation)
                            Galaxy s24 vs. Galaxy s24+

                            Those are the competing small/large model propositions for each company, so you can't compare an iPhone 12 mini to a Galaxy S24+ or an Xperia 1 V to an S24 reasonably. They're not even competing with one another in the market.

                              mrleft, 06 May 2024iPhone 12/13/14/15 aren't flagship phones from Apple&#... moreSo you don't consider the 15 plus a base model? Also I compared the 15 pro and pro max as well and it has the same differences, chief being the battery size and camera (which I'm willing to bet people would spend the extra money on).

                              I wouldn't call cameras, speakers, screen, UWB support, storage, or charging speed asinine. They're actually really important differences imo. I moved from a 1 iv to a oneplus 12 and if there's some things about this phone I adore it's the charging speed and battery. And if there are somethings I miss about the 1 iv it's the speakers and screen.

                                Ouifuf, 06 May 2024Both are flagship phones, so of course I will compare them.... moreiPhone 12/13/14/15 aren't flagship phones from Apple's POV: they're base models. The Pro line are their flagship phones. Likewise, the S24 and S24+ are base models, whereas the S24 Ultra is Samsung's flagship phone. You only need to go to the sales pages for each company and notice how they separate them in their "buy" section to see that.

                                I absolutely looked at the differences, which is why you could only produce a list of a few asinine and necessary differences when you were originally claiming like five or six major differences between small and large phones.

                                  Ouifuf, 06 May 2024So you say that their isn't a difference between the 1... moreYes, the two biggest differences in the 1 and 5 only happened in the mark V. Previously, the 4k screen and battery were the only differences, and the battery life for the 5s were actually better because they didn't have a ludicrous screen resolution to support (why Sony is removing that resolution from the 1 VI).

                                  Where are you seeing these minute differences between the S24 and S24+? Again, the Ultra is a completely different classification of a device. Obviously a larger screen will require a higher resolution, which will require a larger battery as well. The important resolution stat (ppi) is indistinguishable for normal use, and the speakers and battery life are virtually the same according to GSMArena, so differences between the S24 and S24+ are moot, and fairly specifically a size preference. Interestingly, the S24 (better selling than the S23+/S24+) and S24+ cannibalized sales of the S24 Ultra, which really says it all.

                                    mrleft, 05 May 2024Why are you trying to compare regular phones to Pro version... moreBoth are flagship phones, so of course I will compare them. There's a reason there isn't a smaller S24 ultra, because people don't want it. And even if they did, it's harder to fit all that stuff into a smaller stuff. The S24 ultras stylus is only slighlty smaller than the S24, let alone the rest of it.

                                    If you want a like to like comparison, look at the 15 pro vs pro max. It's the exact same main differences I mentioned in the other phones. Battery size, cameras etc.

                                    At this point I don't think you actually looked for differences. I think you just hoped there was enough similarities no one would notice that you're just wrong lol

                                      Ouifuf, 06 May 2024Depends how you define small. I would still consider the xp... moreThe trouble is that by my metric (phone width) if the S24 is small, so is the Xperia 1 V, as the Xperia 1 V is barely wider than the S24, and is less wide than any Xiaomi. I generally just go with the flow, and call the small phone whatever the smallest option is for any given manufacturer (within reason), even if it's ridiculously large (I don't consider a 68mm wide phone to be "small" but that would eliminate every current gen phone for the past three years, so I'll talk in relative terms lol. I will allow that phones around 70mm wide are the smallest options, but not objectively "small" as that would've been a massive phone five years ago).

                                        mrleft, 05 May 2024You claimed that smaller versions of phones have lesser spe... moreSo you say that their isn't a difference between the 1 and the 5 but then mention the 2 biggest differences? lol. Also thermal management, storage, and speaker power are worse on the 5 as well.

                                        And the same is true with the s24 and the 24 plus, the S24 has a bigger battery, faster charging, more and faster storage, UWB support, higher res screen, and larger speakers. All huge dfifferences. This is without even considering the S24 ultra, bigger and more stuff than both.

                                        Then we can look at the Xiaomi 14 and 14 pro (again, ignoring how much better the 14 ultra) and that has a lot of the same differences like cameras, battery size, and charging speed.

                                        So again, a LOT of big changes lol.

                                        Also, while my personal experience is in one country, it's not like it just flips on it's head in every other region suddenly. Again, look at the iphone mini phones. They got rid of it for a reason. And also look as asus's recent change to making the 11 ultra. While I believe they'll make a regular 11 later on, there's a reason they also made and ultra...