Apple launches 2024 iPad Pros with dual-layer OLED displays, M4 chipsets

07 May 2024
These are the thinnest iPads yet and can be paired with a new Magic Keyboard, Apple Pencil Pro and more.

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  • 07 May 2024

I was really impressed with all the top-end technology they managed to pack in that new tablet. Highly power-efficient M4, dual OLED display to boost brightness, super Pencil Pro that complements everything so well.

Then I wondered why spend all that money on a tablet that runs iPadOS, just makes no sense to me.

I'll wait for Apple to refresh the Macbooks with all the same stuff where it will make a lot more sense to me.

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    • 07 May 2024

    SuperSpruce, 07 May 20241000% storage markups and a $350 keyboard. Wow. I know this... moreAt this point, Apple is none other than a money-laundering scheme thriving on marketing and delusional fanboys.

      justasmile, 07 May 2024Oh dear, no ultrawide camera this time round!I didn't even see the lack of ultra wide. The camera island looks funny to me now

        SuperSpruce, 07 May 20241000% storage markups and a $350 keyboard. Wow. I know this... moreiPad Air 13”: $799
        iPad Pro 13”: $1299

        Already a $500 difference. That’s a BIG price jump for really only the cameras and screen…it’s gets better

        iPad Air 13” 1TB: $1299(same price as the cheapest iPad Pro 13”)
        iPad Pro 13” 1TB: $1899

        Now it’s up by $600. Absolutely eye-watering device to a point that I cringed when Apple mentioned VALUE when it comes to the iPad Air Series.

        And yeah weirdly, the Apple Pencil Pro at $129 is a really good price(when it comes to Apple of course)

          Perhaps M5 will be powerful enough to handle the almighty Calculator app.
          Better luck next year, I guess 😞

            Idc as long as it still has ipados

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              • 07 May 2024

              Guess it makes sense that Apple don't know how to make simple graphs, bcoz ofc they don't have a calculator app to gauge how much faster the M4 chip is! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
              I bet a child who's not even a teen yet could make proper graphs (or bars in this case)😂

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                • 07 May 2024

                Finally time to upgrade from my 2020 model yessss!!!!

                  1000% storage markups and a $350 keyboard. Wow. I know this is an amazing device, but the prices are eye watering. If you want cellular connectivity, the max storage, and a keyboard on the larger model, you are shelling out $2850 in the US, or $3400 in India, or $3600 in the UK and EU! That's as much as a Vision Pro! For an iPad!

                  Weirdly, the Apple pencil pro's price is quite reasonable and lower than I expected.

                    Oh dear, no ultrawide camera this time round!

                      No calculator app, np buy.

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                        • 07 May 2024

                        I love these imaginary prices from apple. They have absolutely no relation to reality.
                        The devices seem great, but for that price, no thanks!

                          Just my opinion, 07 May 2024the most powerful iPad ever? and yet it still doesn't ... moreIt's finally coming this year after over a decade

                            the most powerful iPad ever? and yet it still doesn't have a native calculator app

                              "the M4, which promises up to 38 TOPS. For comparison, the Snapdragon X Elite promises 45 TOPS."

                              Gsmarena you guys are some sneaky sneaky serpents for this.. I see what you guys did there

                              Or it could be that I'm delusional too and seeing things that aren't there 🤭

                                Dual layer OLED is getting in here wow 😮😮😳

                                First honor now this

                                Hopefully it is as durable as promised