vivo X100 Ultra camera details leak

09 May 2024
This will be a monster cameraphone, the likes of which the mobile world hasn't seen yet.

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Inline 4, 10 May 2024Another phone with a loads of marketing bs. Companies shoul... moreNokia 808 PureView (from 2012!!) actually HAS most of the things you listed. I really don't understand why we didn't go this path. Photos, video and especially voice recording totally rivals todays flagships!!

    Rounded screen.
    Terrible or non existent global launch and warranty support,
    Terrible software lists natively.

    I'll pass and never regret it.

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      • 12 May 2024


      Sorry what you on about? Vivo has been using the Ultra Sonic fingerprint scanner for a while for their top model, the X80 pro+ and X90 Pro+ both had the NEWER and better ultra sonic fingerprint scanner, the gen 2 version that has a much larger area to work with.... And it is far superior compared to what you get on the Samsung which uses the first gen qualcomm fingerprint scanner.

        dumberwaar, 11 May 2024Chinese ROM will also mean poor software support, if any. A... moreI don't know what you're talking about software support. The X100 Pro has been getting a lot more substantial and frequent updates than what the S24U has.

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          • 11 May 2024

          Chinese ROM will also mean poor software support, if any. And as for the ultrasonic fingerprint reader... Took vivo long enough; at least Samsung got that right from the start

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            • 11 May 2024

            David 040882, 10 May 2024My Xiaomi 12 doesn't have any ads, nor any other flags... moreCan confirm with my Xiaomi 12T Pro, eea version

              WhoCaresTM, 10 May 2024Who cares where it's assembled. You can demand excelle... moreOn which models did you see lens fogging?

                Would love to see a telephoto camera comparison between it and the Honor Magic6 Pro.

                  3x200mp, no sensor smaller than 1/1.7'', variable apertures on all cameras. Just then it would be revolution. I do not expect 4x zoom 1'' f1.6, it would be interesting tho.

                    That pricing hurts. Eu prices will be like 2000 still less than Apple 16 pro max and probabbly less than what Samsung asked for top combo of S24 Ultra which got nothing of theses specs apart S pen and some (to me useless) AI improvements.

                      WhoCaresTM, 10 May 2024You sure about that? I did have ads on my 14 Ultra that I t... moreMy Xiaomi 12 doesn't have any ads, nor any other flagships from Xiaomi that I've tested, so it could've been a Chinese version, the one you tested.

                      Which big and small camera-centric phones I would recommend? Well tbh, I wouldn't categorize them that way when talking about the camera capabilities, thing I'm pretty sure I've already told you some days ago in another discussion. But if I had to name them, I would probably say either the upcoming X100 Ultra or the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra for the big phone category and either the Xiaomi 14, Google Pixel 8 or iPhone 15 Pro for the small phone category.

                        Ottonis, 10 May 2024The variable tele-lens on the recent Xperia 1 phones dddn&#... moreThe problems for Sony were the small sensor and soft lenses.

                        On the sensor side they did fix by using the LYT500, bigger than that 1/3.5" sensor used in the 1V, and from a teaser that I saw just now, it seems the did reengineer the whole assembly.

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                          • 10 May 2024

                          David 040882, 10 May 2024Eh, fair enough. Btw, you don't get ads in HyperOS/MIU... moreYou sure about that? I did have ads on my 14 Ultra that I tested. Also, MrWhosTheBoss also showed ads on this phone. You can look it up on his channel. Perhaps we both had Chinese versions? Though I didn't see any Chinese language.

                          What would your recommendation be for 1. a large camera centric phone, and 2. a small camera centric phone?

                            WhoCaresTM, 10 May 2024It's very common, and even on their flagship ultra pho... moreEh, fair enough. Btw, you don't get ads in HyperOS/MIUI on Xiaomi flagships

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                              • 10 May 2024

                              David 040882, 10 May 2024All the time? It surely isn't a very favorable thing f... moreIt's very common, and even on their flagship ultra phones unfortunately.
                              Check out: Xiaomi 14 Ultra Vs Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Comparison
                              by tech-tablets

                              tl;dr - Xiaomi overexposes constantly for some reason, the Xiaomi video is very jittery even in bright daylight, video is best on iPhone by far, Samsung for zoom (video and photos), audio quality definitely Samsung, front camera S24 ultra, portrait iPhone followed by S24. The iPhone's issue is lens flare, the Samsung's is sometimes purple sky at night.

                              But you have to consider the fact that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra costs as much, or even more than the S24 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. You get a very inconsistent camera, with less than half of OS updates to come, much lower battery life, and ads in your OS.
                              What a bargain.

                              If I really had to buy a Chinese phone I'd definitely take the X100 Pro or the upcoming Ultra, as that's just much better than the Xiaomi. But even then...I'd rather buy a Galaxy or iPhone. Considering I also prefer smaller phones then my only choice is either the regular s24 or iPhone 15 Pro. I hate Exynos so this is my first time owning an iPhone.

                                WhoCaresTM, 10 May 2024I suggest you watch: S24 Ultra vs iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Viv... moreAll the time? It surely isn't a very favorable thing for Xiaomi having easily fogging lenses in their smartphone's camera setups (or for any other company for that matter), though it also depends on the conditions that you hold the phone in, like high in humidity or drastic changes in temperature. I could get pretty much any smartphone camera lens to fog by exposing it to such drastic conditions. But it's still true, Xiaomi has this problem more than other companies so it's mostly a hardware problem with their lenses.

                                  punmeisterone, 10 May 2024It will be very interesting to see how it will stack up to ... moreThe variable tele-lens on the recent Xperia 1 phones dddn't exactly win any battles against competitors using fixed focal tele lenses. Sharpness and overally IQ were an issue, I think.
                                  So, the IDEA of the variable lens was great, but the execution couldn't keep the promises made.
                                  So, I guess that Sony will stand a chance only if they substantially improve on the image quality of its variable lens.

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                                    David 040882, 10 May 2024Yeah... You kind of said what I said, just more detailed. i... moreI suggest you watch:
                                    S24 Ultra vs iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Vivo X100 Pro vs HONOR Magic 6 Pro DEFINITIVE Camera Test
                                    tl;dr > not a single one comes even close to the iPhone for video, the s24 Ultra is just miles better for anything zoom related than either the Honor or Vivo (the Vivo sucks even when zooming in only optically), daylight and lowlight photos with night mode with main cam pretty much the same, portraits much better on iPhone and Samsung than Honor or Vivo. The Honor is the best...if you take lowlight images without using night mode...yeah...great niche useless mode to be the best at.
                                    I can suggest some videos for Xiaomi 14 ultra too...but would you really even consider a phone that has lens fogging all the time?

                                      WhoCaresTM, 10 May 2024I'd take an iPhone 15 pro, let alone 16 pro, over any ... moreFair enough. The iPhone 15 (pro max) makes great videos (better than any Android phone as of yet). However: it's not exactly the best performer with regards to stills photos. It's being surpassed by even several other brands in the photo department.
                                      Apple has also the advantage of very long software support.
                                      Apple has also taken advantage of its perfect customization and optimization of the OS, so that it fits perfectly to the SoC/CPU/GPU and drains the battery much less than ANY Android based smartphone could ever dream of.

                                      So, battery life is not a specific problem of Chinese manufacturers but rather a problem of Android and a very heterogeneous hardware situation.
                                      Do you remember the Kirin SoC from around 2018/2019 that was housed insode the Huawei Mate 20pro and P30pro? That was not only a formidable performer but it also was substantially less draining the battery compared with its Qualcomm comeptitors back then,

                                      That being said, some people just want:

                                      1. anything BUT Apple because they don't want to get locked into their ecosystem
                                      2. the very best camera in a smartphone (not iPhone)

                                      So yes, there are some good reasons to go with VIVO X100 Ultra for some people. If you don't wish or don't need the best cameramodule available, then there is no need to specifically focus on such a dedicated cameraphone.

                                        [deleted post]Idk, apparently not