Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra to have one less camera than its predecessor

13 May 2024
It will be replaced by allegedly better software processing.

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  • 13 May 2024

x100 ultra just got released and you make articles about boring phones from next year that haven't come with anything interesting in the last years

    This phone should have the continuous zoom from.the xperia. They'll get away with having less cameras while still covering the majority of the most popular zoom lengths

      2,3,5 evn 10 medocre cameras are useless if you have one but absolutely stunning and cool.

        If they can achieve a 200mp periscope telephoto, then it seems like they don't even need any more zoom cameras anymore.

          Well phones have been getting worse (and more expensive) for the last 3 years so it's no surprise really.

          Why bother making a good product when clueless fooIs will buy terrible ones?

          Ps, GSMarena, it's "one fewer" not "one less".

            Samsung's 2x crop ain't up to par with the competition let alone better than the competition, how are they gonna do a 3x crop lmao. It's not that hard to improve over this horribly tiny 3x sensor sure but for Samsung it'd be super difficult considering their 2x cropping only came up with the s23 series and became acceptable with the s24 series, the s22 series and earlier had (and I think still have) digital zoom only.

              I hope that the beloved 2MP fixed focus macro camera will be there. 🥺 Or at least a VGA depth sensor!

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                • 13 May 2024

                Remove one of telephoto lens and add macro lens like they did on Poco f3- people loved it. Just go on Reddit and search for feedback and camera samples. I don't understand why Samsung can't give us cameras that we would actually use.