vivo X100 Ultra debuts with 200MP periscope cam and SD 8 Gen 3

13 May 2024
Its 1/1.4" ISOCELL HP9 sensor co-developed with Samsung is the largest telephoto sensor fitted on a smartphone to date.

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sayabosanhidup, 13 May 2024they will definitely make it nicer in their next x 200 ultr... moreMate, how much longer are you going to keep asking that question? Like literally everywhere I go, you ask me that 😂

I don't know dude. I can't possibly know for sure since the X100 Ultra just got unveiled and there's no review of it, which is a similar story with the Pura 70 Pro/Ultra. Wait for them reviews to start dropping, do a comparison and then decide based on which of the images you like the most

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    • 13 May 2024

    Anonymous, 13 May 2024Yeah as it's not launched in the UK I couldn't ca... moreYeah, uk people need to buy it from Mars, like ordering from China is not the same like ordering from any other website

      does selfie cam have AF?

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        • 13 May 2024

        The most important specs for the image quality of distant objects are: pixels per angle, effective lens diameter and color filter array
        Allegedly, the focal length of the periscope camera is 22.48mm. This means that the Vivo X100 Ultra offers more pixels per angle than any smartphone camera and it also has the largest effective lens diameter of all smartphone cameras. I guess that it uses a Tetra²pixel array (which should deliver worse results than Quad Bayer, when the number of pixels per angle is the same), though the array hasn't been confirmed yet.

        Here is a list with the relative maximum number of pixels per angle of certain cameras (approximately):

        128457% Extremely Large Telescope in the visible spectrum (not built yet)
        20553% Hubble Space Telescope from 2002 till January 2007
        995% Nikon P1000 B
        268% Panasonic Zs80D B
        100% BBK Vivo X100 Ultra Q²B(?)
        91% Samsung Galaxy K Zoom B
        80% Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom B
        80% BBK Oppo X7 Ultra QB
        69% Xiaomi 14 Ultra QB
        68% Google Pixel 7 Pro QB
        68% Honor Magic6 Pro Q²B
        66% Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra QB
        64% Google Pixel 8 Pro QB
        62% Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra B
        60% Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra B
        59% Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ B
        59% BBK Vivo X100 Pro QB
        52% Huawei P60 Pro QBY
        47% BBK Oppo Find N3 QB
        35% Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max B
        30% Google Pixel 6 Pro B*
        30% Huawei P30 Pro B
        25% Asus Zenfone Zoom B
        22% Apple iPhone 15 Pro B
        16% Apple iPhone 7 Plus B
        15% Apple iPhone 15 QB
        13% Nokia Lumia 1020 B
        7.5% Apple iPhone 14 B

        B= Bayer color filter array
        QB= Quad Bayer color filter array (apparently without Quad Pixel autofocus), can produce noticeably worse results than Bayer, when the number of pixels per angle is the same
        QBY= Quad Bayer color filter array with yellow pixels and apparently without Quad Pixel autofocus
        Q²B= Tetra²pixel color filter array (with or without Quad Pixel autofocus, not known), should perform worse than Quad Bayer, when the number of pixels per angle is the same
        B*= The Pixel 6 Pro actually has a value of 59.2% QB, but in contrast to the 7 Pro and 8 Pro, it always uses pixel binning, which leads to 29.6% B. Possibly, there are other phones in this list with the same behavior (then the value would be only half as high)

        And here is a list with the corresponding maximum effective diameter of the objective:

        39300mm Extremely Large Telescope (not built yet)
        2400mm Hubble Space Telescope
        67.4mm Nikon P1000
        20.2mm Panasonic Zs80D
        8.42mm BBK Vivo X100 Ultra
        7.76mm Xiaomi 14 Ultra
        6.98mm Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
        6.93mm Huawei P60 Pro
        6.83mm Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
        6.63mm BBK Vivo X100 Pro
        6.53mm Huawei Mate 40 Pro+
        6.43mm Google Pixel 8 Pro
        6.24mm Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
        5.92mm Honor Magic6 Pro
        5.59mm Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
        5.55mm Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
        5.47mm Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
        5.43mm Google Pixel 7 Pro
        5.20mm BBK Oppo X7 Ultra
        5.18mm Sony Xperia 1 V
        5.12mm BBK Oppo Find N3
        4.25mm Huawei P30 Pro
        3.21mm Apple iPhone 15 Pro
        2.4mm Asus Zenfone Zoom

        The larger the effective diameter
        1. the more light from a distant object is captured per exposure time
        2. the better is the maximum theoretical resolution of the lens regarding distant objects due to diffraction
        3. the blurrier are the background objects, therefore, the periscope camera of the Vivo X100 Ultra should also perform quite well for 85mm portraits

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          • 13 May 2024

          Aierlan, 13 May 2024Yeah. The Oppo Find x7 ultra though officially retails for ... moreFor what it's worth, got the (non-Ultra) Find X7 16GB + 1TB version retail for RMB 4,200, which is around US $580. Better prices can be found if you look around as there are a lot of Oppo, Vivo, etc. retailers in China that are willing to cut some of their margins for an immediate sale face-to-face.

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            • 13 May 2024

            rip dslr industry.

              Impressive phone, but sad to see the second telephoto lens gone. At least the display ended up being 1440p still.

                Eno2, 13 May 2024Very nice, and it also covers almost all GSM bands in EU as... moreYeah. The Oppo Find x7 ultra though officially retails for 5,299rmb now versus 6,499rmb for this so there is a pretty big price gap

                  Everything is cool and all but I wish it had a variable aperture. f/1.75 on this one incher is bound to create supremely cool bokeh but having the option to get sharper results would've been truly "Ultra" level.

                  I guess they focused more on the zooming capabilities this year as the improvements to the main cam have been minimal, last year they upgraded to 1 inchers and this year they kept that and upgraded the zoom cams while also adding macro capabilities. Good upgrade path, if the next phones have variable aperture then we'd most likely have gotten our endgame phones if battery doesn't die out lol

                  The last thing they could improve is the screen bezels ig and also make it global ofc lol

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                    • 13 May 2024

                    Very nice, and it also covers almost all GSM bands in EU as well (in my country all), meaning it can be imported from china even whiteout an international release yet.

                    This is a very strong Oppo find X7 Ultra competitor, I cant wait for a proper comparison between the two.

                      alif789, 13 May 2024Same. Don't have to be curved screen to be a premium p... moreYes, it should have been a flat panel, but it seems that in China a curved screen is synonymous with primiun for them... well, at least we have the Sony Xperia left, I hope the panel is at least 6.77

                        justasmile, 13 May 2024Almost perfect. Not a fan of the curved screen though.Same. Don't have to be curved screen to be a premium phone. It really distracting the view.

                          Same. I'm hyped with all the camera features but pretty disappointed on the display part.

                            brsdrgn, 13 May 2024There's a text written 'ultra' there. Nothin... moreYeah I noticed

                              Anonymous, 13 May 2024200 mp telephoto? that's something to be seen. if it w... moreCheck the Ice Universe's Twitter post regarding the picture output of that camera.

                              Single photo packing up 12288×16320 pixels and 74.08MB.

                              Zooming in brings out even more details.

                                David 040882, 13 May 2024The fourth module probably holds some autofocusing sensors ... moreThere's a text written 'ultra' there. Nothing else. The censors are in the middle of two bottom cameras.

                                  Almost perfect. Not a fan of the curved screen though.

                                    The CIPA 4.5 stabilization is crucial for the Periscope to achieve good lossless crops at say 170mm, 230mm, 340mm and 460mm. Good job Vivo!

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                                      • 13 May 2024

                                      Tbh, it's pretty disappointing... of course it has the largest periscope sensor, but it only can do 3.7x in native zoom ... plus larger aperture on zoom lens .. sharpness probably will take a hit, they prioritize light over natural quality... Wish they could add the 4th lens for longer zoom as 3.7x will be great for portrait ... anyways seems like Vivo pretty confident in their images processing software.

                                        Mills, 13 May 2024900 dollars USD. This destroys iPhone 15 Pro and Galaxy S24... moreYes, but those are Chinese prices! If it were globalized it would be no less than 1,600 dollars