Leaked interview reveals new Sony Xperia 1 VI color and a redesigned camera app

14 May 2024
The separate camera apps are going away, reveals an interview with insiders that was published too soon.

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I sure hope the screen is at least 2K, FHD is way too low for a screen that size.

    There will also apparently be no fingerprint reader on the screen, but I prefer the side to that crappy and cheap optical reader.

      The truth is it looks small!! I'm afraid it won't be a 6.8 panel as it should be for the most advanced model... we'll see.

        I am glad there is a redesigned app, so things would be a little bit simple for new users. That red color looks good by the way!

          I'm loving the red colorway. Kind of has a Star Wars Dark Side vibe

            We will finally know tomorrow and we hope to quickly test GSM Arena. It's great if there is only 1 photo and video application left! I sincerely hope that this superb red color will not only be available in Japan (My 1 V is khaki green so I want the 1 VI in red at best if not white). The 5 VI would probably be canceled like the Pro......

              that dark gray color looks very good

                1. W Josip for the tip
                2. This phone looks pretty good. Keep it under 950USD and it's approved flagship