Sony Xperia 10 VI in for review

15 May 2024
Sony's midranger drops a dedicated zoom but is offset by a better chip.

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  • 15 May 2024

695 : dual A78 + hexa A55
6g1: quad A78 + quad A55

This change reduced endurance in 2h20min ( gsmarena test)

    Am sorry sony but this form factor of dispaly isn't acceptable anymore.. u doing it wrong !

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      • 15 May 2024

      after 1 year no OS support from sony. Sony did not put a statement guarantee 5 years OS update.

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        • 15 May 2024

        Can someone confirm the USB port? on my old 10 iii its 3.1... GSm has the new VI at 2.0? surely not?

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          • 15 May 2024

          Sony's designs are getting uglier each passing time....

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            • 15 May 2024

            you are a littler heavy with this recycled/ecologism bullshit.... enough please

              I'm so pissed off by people who can spot the difference between 21:9 and 20:9 (which is mainstream now, and still growing from 19.5:9 previously). But one is actual cinema standard.

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                • 15 May 2024

                🙏 some words about quality 3.5mm in review

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                  • 15 May 2024

                  they could have used at least SD 7 gen 3 ... SD6 gen 1 is entry level and not midranger ... c'mon gsmarena

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                    • 15 May 2024

                    Here we go again, Sony and there ugly aspect rato.

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                      • 15 May 2024

                      Companies (not limited to Sony) who make yearly phone releases omit chargers and cables to take care of the environment. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
                      At least Sony doesn't release every few months.

                        What a bland boring phone

                          I thought finally 21:9 display will be changed :(

                            Anonymous, 15 May 2024I would probably get the 10 V over the VI. They appear to b... moreThe old telephoto was 54mm 1/4 8MP

                            The new one is 52mm 1/4 12MP (sensor crop from 1/2 to 2 times is 1/4).

                            So removing the telephoto did nothing but increasing the resolution of the Photo when zooming.

                            Still I would have like the 10VI to have the 1VI camera sensor as they don't make the 5 lineup anymore. (With the same other specs).

                              YUKI93, 15 May 2024Maybe it'll deliver slightly better photo quality than... moreyou can already read the battery endure result in their specifications thingy, it's close the 14 hours.

                                Anonymous, 15 May 2024It's hard to understand why Sony keep sticking to the ... moreProbably you can't cool 7+ gen 2 in this body, 7 gen 3 would make more sense or something like D7200, all Xperia 10 series focused on battery life and compactness over performance.

                                  is this phone worthy of a review? Some Transsion phones are more worthy of review, such as the Infinix Note 40 Pro (It's been out for more than 1 month) which is often trending but has no reviews. Sony only has 3 phones a year so just make it. But pay attention to what's trending first.

                                    RoterDrache, 15 May 2024The 10 VI is basically a recycled Japan/Asia Xperia 10 V. S... morePossibly because you can't get the 10 V's 8GB RAM version e. g. in Europe. I can order it from USA but in the end I'll pay more than for the new 10 VI. Also software support seems to be extended on the 10 VI. But I get your point, of course...

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                                      • 15 May 2024

                                      It's hard to understand why Sony keep sticking to the useless chips for this series, a 7+ Gen 2 would have gone a long way.

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                                        • 15 May 2024

                                        The 10 VI is basically a recycled Japan/Asia Xperia 10 V. Sd695 is swapped for a SD Gen 6 which offers almost same performance.
                                        Loses telephoto cam.

                                        The rest of the spec is identical to last years Xperia 10V for Japanese market (had 8GB of RAM too).

                                        So why pay an extra 100-120€ for the Mark 6 if you can get 10 Mark V for 280-300€ which also has better battery endurance according to GSMarena battery life test