No, the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra isn't dropping its 3x tele camera, says Ice Universe

15 May 2024
A previous report claimed that improvements to the main 200MP module will make the 3x lens obsolete, but The Cat is certain that this won't be the case.

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  • 22 May 2024

Buzzz, 17 May 2024I just want new design. Both Samsung and Apple are already ... moreMe too

    I already do not consider the S24 due to the removed 10x optical. In certain light conditions the S24's 5x optical and bigger sensor give better results, but overal it's a downgrade.

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      • Mxn
      • 17 May 2024

      JSK888, 16 May 2024But then the phone's camera department will be huge....I kinda doubt it. Even with the S24 Ultra's new 5x zoom camera, it still mamages to be thinner than the S23 Ultra.

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        • Buzzz
        • JJe
        • 17 May 2024

        I just want new design. Both Samsung and Apple are already super boring...

          GAMIR3DH, 16 May 2024Google Pixel exists did you know?Well this is samsung.
          And google pixel is even more useless than Samsung.
          Performance of Tensor chip is dissaster, Not suitable for anything apart camera, brownsing and chat aplications like facebook, whatsapp, telegram etc.
          Not to mention pixel phones takes hours to charge its battery which is even more dsgusting and they will deplete very fast.
          No thanks.

            Cpt.Power, 16 May 2024At first they should fix their always broken screens filled... moreGoogle Pixel exists did you know?

              Anonymous, 16 May 2024Samsung should give 50MP for the 3x zoom camera and keep th... moreBut then the phone's camera department will be huge....

                Well, Samsung is the only one deciding it. And they are good at trying to fix what actually worked.

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                  • nFP
                  • 16 May 2024

                  Samsung need to refresh their design language. All of their phones look generic and boring.

                    At first they should fix their always broken screens filled with green line.
                    Then they should fix blur in almost every photo
                    and lastly and ultimately they should fix Samsung UI called bloatware by using pure android experience.
                    Tons of apps running on backround making their phones useless after just few updates or 1-3 years of use.

                      Honestly, Samsung needs to either do a variable (continuous) 3-5× (or even better) telephoto that can shoot between the entire range, or use dual periscopes to have 50MP 3× and 50MP 5× telephotos. If the continuous variable telephoto technology can be miniaturised enough, you could even potentially use a 200MP sensor for it, although I don't see this happening outside of ultra-expensive Chinese phones.

                        It would be nice if we could get the following zoom setup:1) 3x optical zoom( on at least of a 12 MP sensor).
                        2) second lens with a continuous zoom between 7x-10x using a 48 MP lens so you can get some more details.

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                          • sEB
                          • 16 May 2024

                          Get ready for the rising prices!

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                            • Mxn
                            • 16 May 2024

                            Samsung should give 50MP for the 3x zoom camera and keep the 10x zoom camera while also give 50MP.

                              *Asks bro to trust him on that

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                                • PhoneSmeller
                                • Emn
                                • 16 May 2024

                                The S24 Ultra had the same rumor and it also ended up not being true... Stinky

                                  He's not very sure about it

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                                    • 16 May 2024

                                    HopeFilledIdiot, 16 May 2024"Ice Unieverse"It's not that deep.

                                      HopeFilledIdiot, 16 May 2024"Ice Unieverse"Rushing the news out is the editors mantra here. Spell check was either NOT used or accidentally added the mispelling of Universe lol.

                                        "Ice Unieverse"