No, the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra isn't dropping its 3x tele camera, says Ice Universe

Peter, 15 May 2024

A report from a couple of days ago claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra will ditch its 3x tele camera and instead rely on its 200MP main sensor for short-range zoom. Now reliable tipster Ice Universe says that it is “certain” that the next Ultra will still have four cameras.

Ice specifically states that the 3x module isn’t going away. In fact, “an upgrade is very possible”. The 10MP 3x camera has been pretty much the same since it was introduced with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. There have been some variations in sensor size and the exact focal length (67 or 70mm), but nothing major.

The same can be said about the 12MP 120° ultra wide camera too, that one hasn’t changed since the S20 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera configuration Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera configuration

The main camera has gone through several changes – from the 108MP HM1 sensor of the S20 Ultra, to 108MP HM3 of the S21 and S22 Ultra to the 200MP HP2 of the S23 and S24 Ultra.

Current expectations are that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will use the same HP2 sensor, but will feature other improvements to gather more light. This was touted as the reason to drop the 3x module.

The periscope module is perhaps the one that has changed the most often over the years and 2025 might be no exception – rumor has it that Samsung is experimenting with a changeable focal length (between two preset points rather than smoothly like Sony does with the Xperia 1 series).



Reader comments

I already do not consider the S24 due to the removed 10x optical. In certain light conditions the S24's 5x optical and bigger sensor give better results, but overal it's a downgrade.

  • Anonymous
  • 17 May 2024
  • Mxn

I kinda doubt it. Even with the S24 Ultra's new 5x zoom camera, it still mamages to be thinner than the S23 Ultra.

  • Buzzz
  • 17 May 2024
  • JJe

I just want new design. Both Samsung and Apple are already super boring...

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