Wear OS 5 developer preview is now out with better battery life

16 May 2024
Improvements to watch face creation are afoot as well.

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  • Nichith
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  • 18 May 2024

MindTheGap, 17 May 2024While I enjoy 6 months+ battery life with my traditional wa... moreOnly 6 months on a traditional watch 🤔😂 gotta be using some ripoff

    Supus, 16 May 2024Adding 1 day won't change anything. I still can enjoy... moreWhile I enjoy 6 months+ battery life with my traditional watch, lmao.

      I wonder if this will arrive on Galaxy Watch 4... Probably not.

        There are a lot of samsung watches. It's just a clock that shows the right time. Everything else with the professional tapestry is nothing... You have people doing reviews. Compared to polar products... Only Apple and Hiawei show approximately accurate results... And samsung charges its watches well that show nothing exactly

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          • EUk
          • 16 May 2024

          Battery life is defeintiely what Google need to focus on for the time being.
          Especially considering that the non-wearOS watches are gradually catching up in terms of features while already having far batter battery endurance: e.g. Amazfit and Garmin can both now diaply picture messages and do full custom replies from your watch in some form (garmin via keyboard and amazfit using voice assistant) - which is one of the features that used to be (in my opinion) the dividing line between a "watch shaped smart band" and a full-fledged smartwatch.

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            • Supus
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            • 16 May 2024

            Adding 1 day won't change anything. I still can enjoy no wear os smartwatches with 30+ days of battery life.

              Battery life is one of major pain point in Wear OS, so being the focus on current version is great.

              Next thing they focus is the utilization of Heart Rate sensor, it could be the sensor used that have issue but right now no Wear OS have accurate HR.

                Wow hoping this will make battery life on my Oneplus watch even better!! 😊

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                  • pKL
                  • 15 May 2024

                  Battery, battery, battery life it's all people need.

                    I mean they can do ltpo watches if they arent a thing and even tho most of the smartwatches uses oled tech, budged ones may use lcd. Also the OS they use are just renamed stock watch os 1.0? (Non branded ones) If you really want a good smartwatch then buy a brand one, its probably better than crappy ebay ones

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                      • 15 May 2024

                      Whenever Google's hand gets involved in something, it takes the fun out of it.

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                        • Ib5
                        • 15 May 2024

                        Waiting for my galaxy watch 6 classic.